CNN: This is an Ex-Network! ... This is what happens when agenda is more important than mission. CNN put agenda ahead of survival. It pushed to go full retard in its negative coverage of Trump to try and grab some of that sweet MSNBC ratings pie, but in doing so violated the relationship with its core viewership. What was … Continue reading CNN: This is an Ex-Network!

Is RussiaGate the End of Operation Dump Trump?

It is obvious to me that the Washington Post leak was timed to overwhelm the news about Seth Rich being Wikileaks’ source. It’s also obvious that the Clintonistas knew Rich was the leaker and that there was no DNC hack because they began the ‘Wikileaks is a Russian agent’ meme months ago to discredit them as a source.

HalseyNews: Make No Mistake, the EU is Scared of Marine Le Pen

After yesterday’s first round in the French election the EU is breathing a sigh of relief. The dreaded result of the two anti-EU candidates, Front Nationale’s Marine Le Pen and Communist Jean-Luc Melenchon advancing to the May 7th run-off election did not come to pass.

Halsey News: Left? Right? I’m the Guy with the Gun

To all of the ‘primitive screwheads’ out there on the Left that think putting on a pink hat or black mask and having a public temper tantrum makes you part of “La Resistance,” I hate to break it to you. It doesn’t. It makes you look like the spoiled, entitled brats you are. Because when … Continue reading Halsey News: Left? Right? I’m the Guy with the Gun

Game Review — New Angeles

I got a chance to play a review copy of Fantasy Flight’s newest board game set in the Android Universe, New Angeles, the other day.  My friends a Never Bored Gaming brought it over to my place for a review play-through. The excitement level was high since most of us are big Android:Netrunner fans.  I'm … Continue reading Game Review — New Angeles