Pelosi Fiddles While the Democrats Burn

Nancy Pelosi (D - Boomers) has a problem. Scratch that, she has a number of problems, non counting her own ethical and moral shortcomings. Pelosi is the Queen of Projection. She projects an air of invincibility while also projecting her weaknesses onto her political opponents. So, even though Nasty Nancy just got back her Speaker's … Continue reading Pelosi Fiddles While the Democrats Burn

Hillary Will Indict Herself — Interview with The Daily Coin

I sat down yesterday with Rory over at The Daily Coin for a great 90 minute chat about nearly everything I could think of, frankly.  He's posted part I there now.  Part II will be in a couple of days. Here's the link to the article (scroll to the bottom for the video).  

The Mid-Terms Were All About Trump

Finally the mid-terms are behind us.  There was no Blue Wave nor was there as I hoped, a Red Tide.  There was, in fact, a split decision that leaves the country in a slightly better but still deeply divided state. It will take a little time to fully digest what happened here but one thing … Continue reading The Mid-Terms Were All About Trump

Private Blog – 11-7-2018 – The Mid-Term Split Decision

Today's Market Report focuses on, what else?, the mid-terms.  How does this 'split decision' affect things.  What does it mean for Trumpism?  Where do we go from here? For those interested in signing up for the private blog and twice weekly Market Reports, join my Patreon and pledge at least $4/month.

What Price Crazy?

“Remember, Remember the Fifth of November…” V for Vendetta Tuesday’s mid-term elections will not be a turning point for the United States.  That happened when we elected Donald Trump in 2016.  The roots of Trump’s win were seeded back in 2008 with Ron Paul. And today the words I wrote then I think hold the … Continue reading What Price Crazy?

Private Blog — Market Report 10-28-2018

This morning's Market Report focuses on the potential for Hessian elections to upset the German political system in a way that few in Europe want to contemplate.  Also I give some advice on how to trade gold and Bitcoin for the mid-terms. You can join the Private Blog club by pledging just $4/month at my … Continue reading Private Blog — Market Report 10-28-2018

When Warren Woke Up to A World Without Her

"When your enemy is making a mistake, why interrupt them?"  - Napoleon. Elizabeth Warren's national political career is over.  And malignant narcissist that she is she keeps trying to score rhetorical points against Donald Trump, thinking if she can just get in a good one, she'll stop being a laughing stock. But, that's not going … Continue reading When Warren Woke Up to A World Without Her

As U.S. Polls Tighten the Signs All Point to Hillary

In case you haven't been paying attention, the Republicans are going to remain in control of both the House and the Senate in a couple of weeks.  Since their flawless victory over the Democrats in the fight to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the Republican base is more energized now than at … Continue reading As U.S. Polls Tighten the Signs All Point to Hillary