Preparation is More than Buying Bottled Water

Hurricane Michael caught a lot of people unprepared.  What looked like an uneventful gulf storm turned into a raging monster by the time it made landfall in the Florida panhandle. Michael missed us completely this year.  I never really worried about it because there was so little error in the track and it was a … Continue reading Preparation is More than Buying Bottled Water

Signs of the Gold Apocalypse: M&A and Fund Extinction

For bear markets to truly end investor sentiment has to get to a point where they would rather walk on broken glass than buy that asset or asset class.  We're reaching that point in the precious metals market. In conjunction with that we also have to see arrogance on the part of short-sellers convinced that … Continue reading Signs of the Gold Apocalypse: M&A and Fund Extinction

Private Blog: Market Report for 9-23-2018

This Sunday I profile WD-40 company (NASDAQ:WDFC) as well as have some thoughts on Gold's washout on Friday and the rough week in U.S. Treasuries.   The post can be accessed by Patrons here. For those that would like access to the Private Blog sign up at Patreon and pledge at least $4/month choosing "Community Member."

Private Blog – Market Report for 8-1-2018

The latest Market Report is up for Patrons.  I discuss the monthly closes for Gold, Bitcoin and Facebook as well as talk about changes in U.S. policy towards Afghanistan while the Japanese Bond Market rattles all sovereign debt markets. The Private Blog is available to Patrons starting as just $4/month.

Facebook – The Anti-Social Network

"I thought we were gonna get television. The truth is... television is gonna get us." —Dick Goodwin, Quiz Show When Mark Zuckerberg went to Capitol Hill earlier in the year I knew Facebook was in serious trouble. Ostensibly, he was there to apologize to us about how Facebook used customer data so cavalierly. But, really he … Continue reading Facebook – The Anti-Social Network

Is the End of Facebook Nigh?

Last fall I warned you Facebook has a fundamental problem. More and more people were realizing it and it would have an effect on the company's business going forward. Here's the jist of it: ...the biggest problem with Facebook is it’s all fake intimacy; a pale simulacra of real life interactions with people you are supposed … Continue reading Is the End of Facebook Nigh?