“It’s a Madhouse… A MADHOUSE!”
             — Planet of the Apes

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Now that war is here there is little to do but endure it.  It is our duty, however, to find the causes of this war and what motivates people to this point.

What I have come to believe sincerely, is that those that wanted this war believed their own warped theories so thoroughly, that they believe only they can save humanity from itself.

They are insane and are taking us with them.

With their descent into madness intensifying daily, the propaganda war on all sides is almost unbearable.  It’s never been this bad.  

And because of this we have no ideas who the good guys are, if anyone actually is.

While Putin’s war in Ukraine is a existential one for Russia, it is the same for DAVOS and the Neoconservatives that picked this fight.

When madness mixes with desperation the only possible outcome is the end of civilization itself.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on the path to madness, the denial of everyone of the facts and the comfort both of these things give to both sides.

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  • What Davos’ motivations are.
  • How they drove themselves mad with power.
  • Why Putin’s not the guy many thought he was
  • Why Disney, Twitter and Netflix are doomed.
  • Why the Democrats think being Big Gay Al is a winning strategy

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