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Obligatory Bio

Holas!  This is Tom Luongo and for those that remember, in the before-time, I used to be pretty good at this blooging thing.  I did so between 2003 and 2008 across two blogs which are now no longer with us[1] for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I lost interest in talking in public. [2]

I’ve returned to this gig for the simple reason that sometimes I have something to say that’s longer than a tweet and because Facebook is absolutely for nothing more than puppy videos and Unicorns riding rainbows.  Blogs are just a better tool.

After another ridiculously long hiatus I think it’s time I take the advice of people I read regularly and work comma dammit.

As for the bio, well, let’s try this one.

I am a Former Research Chemist, Amateur Dairy Goat Farmer, Anarcho-Libertarian and Obstreperous Austrian Economist who now contributes to a variety of publications including but not limited to Seeking Alpha, Russia Insider, Halsey News and Newsmax Media.

I have a fantastic wife of 25 years and a young daughter, both of whom humble me with affection and respect I feel is wholly undeserved.

Professionally, I’ve spent a lot of my waking hours inside of various analytic laboratories testing your water and soil for contaminants, or in University Research assessing how you process arsenic, where it is found and how to get rid of it.  I’ve watched an industry be created by government fiat and destroyed in the same manner.

I ran for Florida House once and got 2.7% of the vote on Guy Fawlkes Day. I’ve since grown up a lot.

Then I spent 5+ years solving the puzzle of an electroless Nickel-Boron coating [3] that has intriguing wear-resistance properties.  Too bad the coating was better than the company’s business model.

After that imploded, I spent a couple of years as someone else ghost writing more opinions on stocks and markets than any one person should have in a handful of lifetimes.  The pay sucked, so quantity, folks, was key.

But that eventually led to the present, which I will get back to presenting in the glory of simple text.  Because, on the internet, you are what you type.

Today, I am the Owner of the this blog and publisher of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter in which I attempt to connect the false narratives of geopolitics to viable long-term investment theses.

I don’t believe the man-made global warming story is worth the electrons the peer-reviewed literature is disseminated on.  Those are data sets so dirty I wouldn’t feed them to my dogs.

As for politics, my position is well-known through my past writings at, Seeking Alpha and the aforementioned erstwhile blogs. To sum up:

Individuals are the only people with enough knowledge about their own lives to have a hope of making the right decisions for themselves and no amount of guidance or central planning can help that process along.

All interactions between people should be peaceful and voluntary, free from the coercive power of the state in all its guises.

I built the house I live in.

As for religion, well, I was raised Catholic (what person of Italian descent wasn’t) but have no current practicing religion, except maybe Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.  What I know is that I’m smart enough to realize that I don’t know enough about the things I think I know to have any opinion about that which I truly have no clue about.

I raise some goats and milk them.

In short, I’m a libertarian who distrusts all human organizations larger than a two-handed game of poker. [4]

I love hockey, my family, the art of drumming, board games of all kinds, a logically consistent argument, and the beauty of spontaneous order…. not necessarily in that order.

I own a few guns.


[1] – Being Thomas Luongo ( and Sabre Rattling (archives gone due to Hard Drive failure, but it used to be hosted by The Sabres Report)

[2] – That especially includes writing to make other people money, cf.

[3] – and potential derivatives.

[4] – thanks to Dr. Butler Shaffer for that lil’ ditty,  I use it daily.

24 thoughts on “Obligatory Bio

  1. Hi Tom.

    Found my way over here from TF’s place, and am an avid Lew Rockwell follower.

    Coincindentally, I grew up in greater metropolitan Gainesville Florida, and in my early career was a rocket scientist at the Kennedy Space Center. I left the program because I simply couldn’t stand another minute in a Government operation. All the red tape, risk aversion, and lack of indivudual thinking got to be too much. It was like doing your taxes for 8 hours a day – yikes.

    Anyway, I live in the midwest now, and have been reading up on backyard chickens (not up to goats yet), and appear to be a couple of years behind you in the self-sufficiency evolution.

    Regards, and enjoy north FL – it’ll always be home to me (I even have a drawl to prove it!).

  2. Tom,

    We need a contest to rename Glacier National Park. The glaciers are all gone in 3 years, 5 maybe. How about, “Old Baldy .N.P”, or “Black Rocks N.P.” What do you suggest?

    It’s amazing that the robins around here are smarter than university professors. Mr. Robin stays here in Boston
    year-round now. Hey, why fly all the way to the Carolinas when you can tough out a few really cold days and save a lot of energy.

    Dick Terry

    1. No question the planet has warmed, but the question is why? I don’t buy the CO2 argument. Cui bono, baby?

      The climate changes. So does the sun. We are silly and hubristic to believe it is all our doing.

  3. Hello Mr. Luongo,

    I started listening to you fairly recently and became especially interested in The Great Reset you often mention because it aligns with what I see and fear all around me. I was hoping to find an email to reach out to you but there isn’t one and I Am not on social media, so this will have to suffice.

    I have been diving deep into this Klaus Schwab fellow. I became especially concerned when I found out he was the man who started and runs the WEF. Anywho, I came across this article and wanted to ask you something. I am not a libertarian and on certain things I am in strong disagreement with the ideology. Primarily in the deference given by many libertarians to corporations(possibly excluding yourself).

    My question is, does Libertarianism and it’s concern toward government tyranny but near total lack of concern for corporate power enable The Great Reset and make it easier for the Klaus Schwab’s of the world to get exactly what they want? After reading this article it became a concern of mine. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    I don’t want to live as a slave in some mega city. I thrive in nature and rural environments. They cannot win. They must not win. Not to get all biblical on things, but this great reset business comes off as incredibly satanic.



    1. Alexander,

      Thank you for the thoughtful introduction and question. It is one that requires a lot more than a simple response here in a comment.

      I will address this specifically and in more detail as I go along. But, in short, no a true free market doesn’t tend towards monopolistic behavior of the Klaus Schwab’s of the world. Decentralization, which we champion, also comes with it full responsibility for actions taken…

      I can’t cover all of that here. But, I point you towards all the great work at by many people who have covered these ideas in detail. And I will follow up on my recent post … About Two Years, to cover what you are asking. It’s not an easy subject with a simple answer that would satisfy…. but that answer is there if you listen carefully.

      Be well!

  4. Hi Tom,
    I get my fill from your thoughts and guests weekly.
    Was listening to Uberboyo today.
    Great conversation.
    Regarding us as yeast, it triggered an idea in me I’d like to share with you in private.
    Adds to your questions of human existence and motives and the mechanism that blocks a person from being at “cause” (which takes inner freedom) the result of which leads to continued corruption of behaviour that is irrational.
    Stacey G

  5. Hello. Just found your interesting site this morning. You several times refer to “The Davos Crowd” in the articles I read. May I suggest that, for clarity and new visitors to the site, you post an article that explains what the Davos Crowd is as you use the phrase. Maybe something along the lines of transnational progressivism? Thanks.

    1. Mr Robinson, thank you for reading and the suggestion. I have used that phrase for close to three years now… and posts that use it are all tagged “The Davos Crowd” for a reason. It is simply the transnational oligarchs on all sides of the Atlantic who think they run the world… and right now are attempting to make that a reality. I will remember to include that phrase here and there in upcoming posts.

  6. Tom, it seems that you’ve ignored a certain entity that actually does settle trades in gold. It’s called the BIS; maybe you’ve heard of it? And gold/silver should never be converted into dollars since the purchase of them is the only way to extract wealth from the slave system. Every other currency can be tracked/taxed/seized, and metal (in hand) is unique in that it can actually be traded for goods/services anywhere in the world. Your article on Zerohedge ignores the most important aspects of metal as a store of value. I’m interested in your article that addresses these issues. Thanks

    1. Robert,

      I know all about the BIS and it moving gold around the settle imbalances between countries does not disprove my thesis that at this point in time Bitcoin is in the process of replacing gold as The premier store of value for the retail investor

      Look this isn’t a step function. Gold is still important but its role as a hedge against government malfeasance has peaked and it will be a slow steady decline from here.

      The same way that it has been for silver over the past 50-60 years as the US dishoarded its reserves

    1. You might want to check out podcast #20 where The Saker and I sat down for an hour plus chat. Don’t walk into a conversation and assume you know more than the person you are conversing with

      I’d venture I’ve been reading him as long if not longer than you have.

      Moreover, what can The Saker teach me about my own life, since you replied to my bio?

      Wow what a condescending and presumptuous ass you are. Be better.

  7. Dear Mr. Luongo, just today I came upon your site and decided to start at your bio. Impressive, and I’m sure to stay to read and learn. However I have one concern, which I hope you don’t take the wrong way. There is one line in the bio that I don’t get.

    “After another ridiculously long hiatus I think it’s time I take the advice of people I read regularly and work comma dammit.”

    Sorry but maybe the “comma dammit” is an inside joke? If so it went over my head.

    Respectfully, -S

  8. Tom, you’re very bright and articulate. So much so, you’re almost hard to read. I can’t tell if that’s because I’m just dumb or used to reading other low intellects. Anyway, glad you’re back at the blog. I know I will enjoy your writings! Stay safe.

  9. “I’ve followed Putin closely for nearly a decade now. I got the feeling that if he was speaking to a college-level political science class and not a convocation of some of the most powerful people in the world [he would been laughed in their faces]”

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