Private Blog – Market Report for 8-1-2018

The latest Market Report is up for Patrons.  I discuss the monthly closes for Gold, Bitcoin and Facebook as well as talk about changes in U.S. policy towards Afghanistan while the Japanese Bond Market rattles all sovereign debt markets. The Private Blog is available to Patrons starting as just $4/month.

Short-Term Bitcoin Price Analysis

Cryptocurrencies saw an increase in investment in June with $12 billion worth being pumped into the market. The increase was due to the bullishness of investors towards cryptocurrency markets in general, as well as blockchain research. An article on Medium states that 77.9% of investors who were surveyed in April believe that cryptocurrencies will rise … Continue reading Short-Term Bitcoin Price Analysis

Private Blog – Bitcoin Analysis for 6/3

I have a new Private Blog post up for my subscribers on Patreon discussing Bitcoin's current chart position after a soft bounce thanks to Europe's political unrest last week. If you’d like to subscribe to the Private blog head over to my Patreon to sign up for it and the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter. 

Private Blog – Italy and the Euro

Big day here in money-land.  The European Union has proven to be exactly what it appeared to be, an authoritarian nightmare of Orwellian proportions. I have a new Private Blog post up for Patrons covering what to do about this and how to profit from it. If you aren't a Patron follow that link and … Continue reading Private Blog – Italy and the Euro

Private Blog – Cryptos: New Bull Market or Dead Cat Bounce?

I have a new Private Blog post up for my subscribers covering my thoughts on the latest bounce in the cryptocurrencies now that it looks like Bitcoin will make a weekly close above $9000. For those interested you can support my work and sign up for the Private Blog as well as gain access to … Continue reading Private Blog – Cryptos: New Bull Market or Dead Cat Bounce?

Silver Breakout – Significant? Or Head Fake?

It's almost like Silver knew tax-payment related selling was coming to an end.  But, after months of being about as exciting as watching grass grow Silver finally perked up like it knew Spring was finally here earlier in the week. With everything happening geopolitically it's easy to take your eyes off the market.  Moreover, with … Continue reading Silver Breakout – Significant? Or Head Fake?

Gold Still Not “Ready Player One”

T.S. Eliot had it wrong.  For Gold, April isn't the cruelest month, March is.  Every year for the past three years we've seen a significant rally in gold during the first quarter.  Hopes are raised that finally, the bear market is over. But, as we get into March the same thing happens every time, when … Continue reading Gold Still Not “Ready Player One”