Private Blog — Market Report 9-16-2018

I have a new Private Blog Market Report up for Patrons over at Patreon.  This weekend we look at the situation in the S&P 500, Gold and Bitcoin as well as discuss the EU's descent into barbarism via the outrageous use of Article 7. These reports are exclusively for Patrons.  You can gain access to … Continue reading Private Blog — Market Report 9-16-2018

Interview – Fault Lines Talking Soros and the Benefits of Decentralization

I did two segments with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Friday on Sputnik Radio.  Being asked to stay over to have a chat with Michael Kreiger of was a real treat. Here are the two segments: This time with more Kreiger:  

Private Blog – Market Report for 8-1-2018

The latest Market Report is up for Patrons.  I discuss the monthly closes for Gold, Bitcoin and Facebook as well as talk about changes in U.S. policy towards Afghanistan while the Japanese Bond Market rattles all sovereign debt markets. The Private Blog is available to Patrons starting as just $4/month.

Private Blog — Turkey and Facebook and Gold, Oh My!

I have a new private video blog up detailing big changes in the Gold, Bitcoin and Facebook markets that underscore where things are headed this fall. You can sign up for the Private Blog by pledged just $4/month over at my Patreon page, which also comes with a Private community of active users asking questions,  … Continue reading Private Blog — Turkey and Facebook and Gold, Oh My!

Short-Term Bitcoin Price Analysis

Cryptocurrencies saw an increase in investment in June with $12 billion worth being pumped into the market. The increase was due to the bullishness of investors towards cryptocurrency markets in general, as well as blockchain research. An article on Medium states that 77.9% of investors who were surveyed in April believe that cryptocurrencies will rise … Continue reading Short-Term Bitcoin Price Analysis

Blockchains, Attacks and their Security That Wasn’t

First it was multiple forks of Monero (XMR) to resist mining via ASICs.  Then it was a very successful 51% attack on Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Verge (XVG).  Now it's another 51% attack on ZenCash (ZEN), a fork of Zcash. We are going to see more and more of these attacks in the coming months … Continue reading Blockchains, Attacks and their Security That Wasn’t