I spent a couple of hours with my good friends Crypto Rich and Alexander Mercouris discussing all of the topics of the day. It’s always a fantastic time getting to chat with Alex and if he wasn’t so busy with The Duran (and it’s well-earned rise to prominence) I’d do it more often.

The war in Ukraine has proven itself to be the catalyst for the next phase of the Davos Crowd’s Great Reset and it has drawn stark battle lines all across the world. I remain fully unconvinced that they can pull off even half of what they intend and it means that as we move forward it it imperative that we remain flexible in our analysis of the bigger picture.

There will be head-scratching minor moves and statements which will seem to contradict the major events playing out and whose allegiances are where. But remember, politics is a very dirty game and diplo-speak a particularly difficult language to learn to speak.

Alex is one of the very best at it. And I recommend anyone persuaded by cynics like those I debated with Matt Ehret recently, spend a lot more time listening to him than them.

The First Hour

The Second Hour

Show Notes:

Crypto Rich on Twitter

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