“There is no civility, there is only politics”
— Senator Palpatine, The Phantom Menace

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I’ve talked about breaches of trust before.  Facebook is losing users because of their abuse.  So will Google. 

But, a bigger breach of public trust is occurring politically that will have more more devastating effects on society.

Leaders like Angela Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron have openly betrayed their people to globalist concerns and the European Project.  She is losing power daily while Macron could be ousted from power any day now.  

Immigration is a losing argument as globalist rhetoric has been rejected by voters.  Now Hillary Clinton is trying to recreate herself to oppose Trump.  And while Trump is proving to be ultimately unable to turn the U.S. ship around, despite his desires, Europe is collapsing before our eyes.

Stock Markets are beginning to deal with this because the central banks still hold sway over currency and bond markets.  This lack of trust hasn’t hit there yet, but it will and when the bond markets begin collapsing that will change everything.  

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  • Why I’ve made a major change to our portfolio holdings after a difficult Q3
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  • The sad realization that a lack of moral courage is the difference between Trump and Ron Paul

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