It’s time to get Brave. I did another 40 minutes with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Sputnik Radio on Friday. This seems to be a regular thing that I am immensely grateful to them for.

This week we discuss the Google Adpocalypse among other things. To remind you of what the stakes are here:

This is a systemic and on-going digital “Night of the Long Knives” intended to stifle and rein in speech to limits acceptable to them. The goal is rolling a greater percentage of Google’s vast ad revenue back into the coffers of the dying Main Stream Media outlets.

Google, YouTube and the rest of the Media are making their case very clearly. They are in control of information. You are the product and they sell you to the highest bidder.

Bottom line. Install Brave and begin taking back control over your browsing habits and, most importantly, your data. Brave pays you in an Ethereum ERC-20 token, BAT, which can be used to tip your favorite content provider and help them get off the AdWords hamster wheel.

These companies like Google and Facebook are beasts and starving them of what they want, your data and money, is the way to slow them down, if not eventually cut them down to size.

Marketwatch is reporting that by the end of next year these two companies will control 75% of all digital ad revenue. Period. End of story.

That has to change. And adding Amazon to the mix won’t help anything. There has to be an advertising network that doesn’t treat you like a product, but rather as a partner. I think Brave does that beautifully.

Case in point of how evil these people are. WordPress won’t embed this video while others work just fine. Why is that? Ask Google. Sputnik is their enemy because it’s a platform where we can speak more freely.

So to watch this interview you have to click the link below.

And let’s help Google and Facebook sow the seeds of their own destruction.

Support for Gold Goats ‘n Guns can happen in a variety of ways if you are so inclined. From Patreon to Paypal or by your browsing habits through the Brave browser where you can tip your favorite websites (like this one) for the value they provide.