Is RussiaGate the End of Operation Dump Trump?

It is obvious to me that the Washington Post leak was timed to overwhelm the news about Seth Rich being Wikileaks’ source. It’s also obvious that the Clintonistas knew Rich was the leaker and that there was no DNC hack because they began the ‘Wikileaks is a Russian agent’ meme months ago to discredit them as a source.

Smoke Rises from the West – Hillary’s Money Travels East

With each passing day, the smoke circling Hillary Clinton’s campaign gets thicker.  Wikileaks continues to release thousands of e-mails which detail the extent of the criminal activity surrounding not only her campaign but also the Clinton Foundation. We’ve already had two people ‘pursue other interests,’ thanks to releases from Project Veritas Action, from sub-contractors who … Continue reading Smoke Rises from the West – Hillary’s Money Travels East

Going for the Free Speech Jugular

As we approach the end of this election something has ramped up far more than just the political rhetoric… the assault on free speech itself.  In the past twenty-four hours we have seen three major events that are direct attacks on free dissemination of information. The first occurred on Sunday with the fire-bombing of the … Continue reading Going for the Free Speech Jugular