Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has taken his crusade to end the Russia-gate story to the next level.  He’s now making the rounds in the media exposing that President Trump’s own staff are blocking a meeting between the two.

Rohrabacher has been making these rounds for a couple of weeks now.  He’s named names as to who is doing the blocking, White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.

For the back story on this, which I’ve covered extensively, go here, here and here.

Last month, Rohrabacher visited Assange to get his story.  At the same time Steve Bannon resigned his post as White House Chief Strategist.

Halsey English and I conjectured these two events were intimately connected. They would serve to turn the tables on the Deep State assets protecting multiple members of Congress, the DNC and Hillary Clinton.

Wasting Time?

So, why hasn’t this story moved forward?  Why hasn’t Bannon used his bully pulpit at Breitbart the way we expected?  The most obvious answer is timing.

Now, I don’t believe for a second at this point that Trump doesn’t know about what Rohrabacher knows.  In fact, I  say “meetings” have already taken place between Rohrabacher, Bannon, Trump, etc.

There is no good reason for Rohrabacher to be given a platform on this story and Trump ignore him except for bad timing. Because if he is correct and Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange can categorically prove that Russia had nothing to do with the DNC hack then this would end so many of Trump’s current troubles.

So, Rohrabacher’s job now is to keep the story alive and allow it to simmer beneath the headlines.  Each new piece of the puzzle released makes a stronger case for when Bannon breaks the story at Breitbart.  This will force a meeting between Trump and Rohrabacher.

But, right now, the timing is bad.

What we know is that Kelly’s main job since taking over has been to limit access to Trump.  It’s easy to understand a military man like Kelly creating some order to the situation at the White House.  But, it’s equally easy to understand Kelly is blocking Rohrabacher because he’s part of the cover-up.

So, Kelly’s blocking the meeting could be either a smoke-screen or something more sinister.  But, with Bannon out of the White House, Kelly can’t control the messaging.

That’s why Bannon left when he did.

Time to Move Aside

It’s no secret that there is little love-loss between Assange and the U.S. military and Intelligence community.  All of the men who hold power in the administration now are compromised by the choices they’ve made in the past, regardless of their motivations.

They will spend every ounce of political capital they have to ensure this story is buried for as long as possible.  And, with everything that is on Trump’s plate right now, adding this bombshell is likely more than anyone wants to handle.

So, it continues to languish, waiting for the opportune moment to make the biggest impact.

The pieces must come together in the right order.  This report from Bill Still may provide the key to what’s been holding this back.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally appointed his Chief of Staff at the Department of Justice, Matt Whitaker.

Whitaker is no fan of what’s happening at the DoJ.

Whitaker wrote that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, with whom he’ll now be working closely with as Sessions’ chief of staff, should “act to ensure the investigation is within its jurisdiction and within the authority of the original directive.”

It is time for Rosenstein, who is the acting attorney general for the purposes of this investigation, to order Mueller to limit the scope of his investigation to the four corners of the order appointing him special counsel,” Whitaker wrote. [emphasis mine]

In order for Russia-gate to be laid to rest, Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation needs to end definitively.  Since Sessions recused himself on all matters pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server, his assistant Rod Rosenstein has been accountable to no one.

Until now.  Whitaker should get Rosenstein to force Mueller to “put something up or shut it down.”  And, once the threat of blackmail from Mueller is gone the last obstacle to the DNC server case will be gone.

Kelly will then have to get out of the way or Bannon will crucify him as will Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity on Fox News.

But, for now, this pressure cooker sits on the back burner, waiting for the right moment to explode.

This article originally appeared at Halsey News.

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