Chief of Staff John Kelly nixed a meeting between Dana Rohrabacher and President Trump on behalf of Wikileaks Publisher Julian Assange.  That’s only the beginning of the story.

Donald Trump knows what is up with Julian Assange and Dana Rohrabacher.  The news cycle is trying to peddle the idea that Chief of Staff John Kelly’s blocking the deal is the end of the matter.

That’s nonsense.  Kelly may well be trying to insulate Trump from inconvenient information but don’t think for a second that Trump isn’t aware of the guts of the deal Assange is offering him.

Kelly is as Deep State as it gets.  He referred Rohrabacher to the very intelligence agencies that want Assange’s head on a platter and who couldn’t act on this information even if they were inclined to do so, which they aren’t.

The neocons and the MIC are back in charge of foreign policy and Trump is seemingly walled-in at the White House having no access to the real information.  Alex Jones is out there floating idiocy about Trump being drugged.

Trump caved on DACA.  It’s all looking bleak.

Again, don’t believe it.

The Bannon-ator

Rohrabacher has more avenues to get Trump’s ear than going through official channels like John Kelly.  I told you the day he announced his resignation that former Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was the key to all of this.

If you’ve got the goods on these people [the DNC, Hillary, etc], you let them know that you do and then you begin the bargaining.

So, where does Bannon fit into all of this?

Bannon can control the flow of the information that Rohrabacher is bringing back from his meeting with Assange. Breitbart can be the official channel of the leaks from the Trump Administration and the WaPo/CIA can sit and spin.

Not only would Bannon at Breitbart be better suited to support Trump but he would also be able to get the President’s ear outside of normal channels.  Now that Kelly is actively sabotaging Rohrabacher’s efforts to checkmate both the Democrats and the GOP leadership, Bannon’s role comes into focus.

Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio to create faux outrage from the left.  Then out of the blue he makes a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on the debt ceiling while bitch-slapping Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Then Ryan comes out in favor of tax cuts and funding for the wall before the end of the year.

Bannon’s Breitbart is acting on behalf of aggrieved Trump voters blasting him on immigration, DACA and all the rest.

Hillary’s Thin Ice

But, behind it all, Hillary is being marginalized.  Her book tour is a disaster. It’s as much of a mess as her campaign was.  Despite still being Hillary Clinton she’s not getting the same sycophantic respect she was while she was running.

Losing power will do that to you.

In fact, the Democratic leadership is completely ignoring her and hoping she would just go away so they can get on with governing and cleaning up the mess she left behind.

Assange has the goods on her and the rest of the DNC and Obama’s minions.  There are too many people to shut up now to keep this conspiracy of silence from ending in jail time for someone.

The more the neocons push Trump into a corner on foreign policy, the more the GOP tries to undermine him, the more he will have to do something to give his base or he will be destroyed.

DACA is a distraction.  There is something bigger brewing.  The Awans are singing.  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is on an island.  Comey and Susan Rice purgured themselves.  Schumer and Pelosi making a deal with Trump is a huge signal that someone has leverage on someone else.

And it ain’t the people I just mentioned.

This all comes back to what Assange has and now much of it he has to release to get his life back.  Remember, he can just release this stuff publicly and end this charade that these people aren’t guilty as sin.

The way forward for the Democrats on the hill is to let Trump cut a deal with Assange, give him Hillary and get some immunity deals in case she tries to sing on them.