Dana Rohrabacher is meeting with President Trump this week to debrief him on his meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  The Senate is trying to get Wikileaks classified as a ‘non-state hostile foreign intelligence service.”

For the past week I’ve been convinced that their is so much more going on in Washington than meets the eye.  In the five days since Steve Bannon announced his resignation as President Trump’s Chief Strategist we’ve had a number of things occur that lend more credence to the theories myself and Halsey English have floated about Dana Rohrabacher’s meeting with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

But, it is today’s article in the Washington Times that I believe drops the biggest hint yet that there is more than an ember or two smoldering under the surface of the headlines.

Congress will formally consider WikiLeaks a “non-state hostile intelligence service” if lawmakers adopt the annual Intelligence Authorization Act passed 14-1 by a Senate panel last month — a provision the bill’s sole dissenter now cites as his reason for rejecting it.

Sen. Ron Wyden, Oregon Democrat and the only member of the Senate Intelligence Committee to cast a ballot against the 2018 authorization act during last month’s vote, said Tuesday his decision was driven by the inclusion of language specifically targeting WikiLeaks, the antisecrecy website responsible for publishing millions of pages’ worth of U.S. state secrets ranging from military documents and diplomatic cables to internal Democratic Party emails.

The provision was included at the very end of the annual intelligence authorization act passed in committee and quietly introduced in the full Senate on Friday amid summer recess. [emphasis mine]

You have to ask the question, “Why now?”  Why would the Senate, during recess, put this on the docket during recess now?

For the answer to that I refer you back to what I wrote last week.I wrote last week.

Trump loyalist Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is coming back from meeting with Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, with information that Rohrabacher feels may be worthy of a presidential pardon.

This is the first time anyone from the U.S. government has met with Assange in his five-year asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  You know they didn’t just discuss getting Wikileaks a White House press pass.

By Bannon leaving the White House, it puts him in the right place to do the most damage to the people Trump is about to go on the offensive against, Breitbart.  By being out of the White House Bannon can securely push the information out through Breitbart without worrying about leaks from the inside.

What could that information be?  Only an heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots doesn’t already know what that is.

It’s the smoking gun that ties together the whole sordid L’affair Seth Rich – “His name was Seth Rich – and everyone who’s involved in it.  And that, by extension, will unmask the entire “Russia-Gate” accusations as the fever dream of a cornered and frightened DNC leadership, including Lady Macbeth herself, Hillary Clinton.

Putting it all together, the Senate is worried about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Rohrabacher.  Because the details of the meeting that have been leaked having Rohrabacher killed at this point would be too much of an overt tell.

So, to block the information that Assange has and keep Trump from acting on it, by classifying Wikileaks as a ‘hostile intelligence agency’ as opposed to a ‘member of the press’ puts meetings between U.S. officials and Wikileaks tantamount to consorting with the enemy.

From Pardons to Impeachment

And that’s treason.  This is yet another path to try and entrap Trump to convict him of ‘high crimes’ and/or ‘treason.’  And, remember, an impeachment hearing is not a court of law.  It can proceed however it needs to via the whim of Congress.

They can remove a President who they feel is guilty of treason.

This is especially true if said President is about to indict a number of them for murdering a DNC staffer (Seth Rich) and engaging in espionage with a foreign agency (Ukraine) to compile a false dossier on a political opponent (The Trump Dossier) to allow a sitting President to convince a FISA court to issue a wiretap warrant and unmask hundreds of his associates to gain advantages and influence the outcome of the election.

That’s what’s at stake here.  This is what is occurring right under our noses.  Do you think the Senate Intelligence Committee and the intelligence agents most exposed to this meeting would not do everything in their power to stop this chain of events from taking place?

Trump has masterfully managed the news cycle for the past seven days with Bannon’s firing, Boston, the Afghanistan announcement and discussing pardoning Sherrif Joe Arpaio.  But, time is running out.  If the meeting with Rohrabacher goes how I think it might, then Trump will not have a lot of time to issue indictments for the main players.

What this move has done is put a time clock on this whole affair.  Congress returns from recess on September 9th.  Martin Armstrong’s timing models tell us the War Cycle peaks on September 11/12th.

To this point we’ve thought that it may be North Korea that is the issue.  But, what if it isn’t?  What if the War we’re staring at is the one going on in Washington D.C. right now.

This has to begin resolving itself before this bill is overwhelmingly approved (veto-proof) by Congress and tying Trump’s hands.

He has to move first or he’s trapped.

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