The Real Russia-Gate is About to Take Down Hillary

The Russia One scandal was the real Russia collusion story and it will land Hillary Clinton in jail.

Hillary Clinton is going to prison.  Mark my words.  And Julian Assange is the architect of her destruction. How do I know this?  Simple.  The dam is breaking.

This morning’s article in The Hill lays out in no uncertain terms the collusion between Hillary’s State Department and high-level Russian officials in selling a large portion of the United States’ uranium production to Rosatom, the Russian state nuclear energy giant.

The whole article is damning.  I can’t quote any one part because it’s all explosive.  You should read it in full and consider the gravity what it lays out.

But what’s contained in the article isn’t even what’s most important.  Anyone who has watched M. A. Taylor’s “Clinton Cash” documentary already knows the story.   A film co-written and co-produced by none other than Steven K. Bannon, head of Breitbart and the man responsible for the phrase, “President Trump.”

What is important is the timing and the venue.  With Julian Assange promising a big data dump and Hillary running her mouth in England, attacking everyone, especially Assange, the release of this article screams that the rats are leaving the sinking ship S.S. Clinton.

The Set Up

Steve Bannon left the White House the day after Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) met with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  Assange gave Rohrabacher information that the Congressman said can take down large parts of our government.

Bannon needed to leave the White House to fight from Breitbart.  Halsey English and I were on this story the moment it broke.

By Bannon leaving the White House, it puts him in the right place to do the most damage to the people Trump is about to go on the offensive against, Breitbart.  By being out of the White House Bannon can securely push the information out through Breitbart without worrying about leaks from the inside.

What could that information be?  Only an heir to the throne of the kingdom of idiots doesn’t already know what that is.

It’s the smoking gun that ties together the whole sordid L’affair Seth Rich – “His name was Seth Rich – and everyone who’s involved in it.  And that, by extension, will unmask the entire “Russia-Gate” accusations as the fever dream of a cornered and frightened DNC leadership, including Lady Macbeth herself, Hillary Clinton.

Actually, the story is even bigger than that, as this morning’s report from The Hill suggests.  Russia-Gate was simply a classic Democrat distraction technique to get out in front of an issue they are vulnerable on:  accuse the opposition of an almost identical act to misdirect the public.  Their goal is to weaken the impact of the imminent exposure of their crimes and fatigue the public by confusing key elements of the narrative right before they are exposed.  This allows the press to do their useful idiot dance and counter-spin reality.

Remember it was Trump who brought this issue up first during the campaign last year.  And I’m sure Bannon was the one who told him this was a wedge issue that will drive Hillary batty.

And it worked.  Because from that moment forward Hillary began accusing Trump of being in league with Russia when he said it was possible for us to be friends with Russia.

The attempt to pillory Trump as a Russian stooge has been nothing less than a blatant psy-op designed to muddy the waters and hide the clear Russian-Clinton connection in the Rosatom scandal, a scandal covered up by the coordinated action of the Obama Executive branch.

This is a lie of such epic proportions that the accusations and use of public funds to investigate an obvious phantasm should by itself lead to indictments.

Because the real collusion story here is that Hillary and high-ranking members of Obama’s administration were guilty not only of espionage and, possibly treason, but also conspiracy to cover-up the entire thing by keeping the FBI investigation open and therefore out of view of both the public and Congress.

From The Hill article:

Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, however, the Department of Justice (DOJ) continued investigating the matter for nearly four more years, essentially leaving the American public and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil during a period when the Obama administration made two major decisions benefitting Putin’s commercial nuclear ambitions. [emphasis mine]

The Turn

And that leads us to why this article is so important.  Remember, there are zero coincidences in politics.  Everything is a game of action/reaction.  Hillary’s book tour can easily be viewed as her last attempt to persuade someone (anyone!) that Trump and Assange are Russian agents.

But, no one is listening anymore.  In fact, Hillary looks like a crazy bag lady for continuing to scream “Russia! Russia!”

The Hill running this story is just as out of left field as the New York Times breaking the Harvey Weinstein story.  These are moves on a chess board.  I said the other day that I was convinced Bannon was behind the outing of Weinstein.  Here’s your confirmation of that.  Taking out Weinstein was a direct attack on Hillary.  It neuters any attempt to create moral equivalency with Trump.  Moreover, with Bannon out of the White House it doesn’t look like any of this came from Trump himself.

In fact, have you noticed how little Trump has said about Weinstein?  Mr. Twitter himself has kept a civil tongue and allowed this to play out on its own.

The people who ran these stories have held their tongues no longer care about the potential Clinton reprisal.

Hillary isn’t president.  Every day she loses a little more power, a little more influence.  She has become a liability for all of the people she once ruled over.  The only thing that has kept her out of prison to this point is figuring out how to take her down without too much blowback.

Obama wants her gone so he can get control of the DNC.  Trump wants her gone because she’s guilty and he owes his constituents her scalp.  But, it’s a tightrope act to take her down and not take Obama with her.  Because taking down Obama brings about a civil war divided along racial lines.

Everyone hates Hillary, but Obama and Trump have been locked in a prisoner’s dilemma of who sticks the knife in first.  At this point Hillary is like ISIS getting bombed by Russia and the US while they don’t even talk to each other.

Hitting the Mark

Julian Assange wants his life back.  Proving Seth Rich was the DNC leaker is not enough to get him a pardon or allow him to walk freely from the Ecuadorian Embassy without getting shot.

The only way out of this is for Trump, Bannon and Assange to frame this is such a way that Hillary and some of Obama’s people are taken down, the FBI is vindicated and Obama walks away mostly scot free.

In exchange for that, Assange gets to live because once he corroborates everything Hillary has ever been accused of his death would spark another round of bloodletting the country isn’t prepared for.

In taking down someone like Hillary you only get one shot.  You have to put maximum pressure on the people protecting her and get them to turn.  Bannon and Trump have done that.  Once that process starts, the tremors become an avalanche quickly.

Hillary will end up buried in her own lies.  And the #MeToo chorus will grow as her minions abandon her, revealing darker secrets than we may be prepared to hear.

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14 thoughts on “The Real Russia-Gate is About to Take Down Hillary

  1. There is nothing to worry about concerning Hillary’s actions because the swamp rooted “Manchurian Candidate” Jeff Sessions will make it all go away

      • I hope your are right Tom, but think how deeply Sessions is rooted in the swamp with 10 years as a US Senator. Look how the swamp came to his defense when Trump told Sessions to do his job a few months ago. Lindsey Graham actually suggested passing laws to prohibit Trump from firing Sessions, which is nonsense because Sessions serves at the pleasure of the President, but just shows the depth of Sessions’ roots in the swamp. Sessions is either a “Manchurian Candidate”, grossly incompetent, or a total wuss – in fact, Sessions is likely all three. Sessions must go before anything will move forward concerning the criminal Hillary Clinton, and even thought I’m hopeful, I just don’t see it happening.

      • Or Sessions is doing what he was told to do … Bide his time, play possum until the right time. Either way, as you say, he can be fired and Lindsay Graham can go scratch.

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  4. I’ve been laughing at the many articles predicting Hillarys indictment and incarceration over the last few years. It just didn’t seem to be within the realm of possibility. But I’m not laughing any more.

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  6. I found this quote from Michael Ruppert (Crossing the Rubicon): “What happens when you deputize someone in a national security or criminal investigation is that you make it illegal for them to disclose publicly what they know. Smart move. In effect, they become government agents and are controlled by government regulations rather than their own conscience. In fact, they can be thrown into jail without a hearing if they talk publicly. I have seen this implied threat time after time with federal investigators, intelligence agents, and even members of United States Congress who are bound so tightly by secrecy oaths and agreements that they are not even able to disclose criminal activities inside the government for fear of incarceration.”

    The swamp is filled with people in this situation. The exponential growth in Top Secret clearances given out in the US is one significant indicator of why there is a “shadow” government. With a Trump presidency, the OGs (Rockefeller, and soon Kissinger and Soros) dying out and Hillary neutered- stories like this gaining serious traction should help to free many a conscious. The question is: is Mueller (and Comey) among those freed to be the Whistleblowers of the truth. If not, Wikileaks is waiting in the wings. Clearly, it’s better for the country if Mueller is the truth teller. I suspect, Mr. Sessions is playing out his part while we wait to see what Mueller does.

  7. I do think it applies to Mueller. One of the reasons I think so is because when Mueller was first appointed, Adam Gingrich did a scope laying out a vision- in no uncertain terms – that Mueller was “the right guy” to head this Russia collusion investigation. After the first scope about Mueller, Adam’s rhetoric did a 180 degree flip for next several months, and in the last couple months- no comments. My interpretation is there is no guarantee of what Mueller is going to do, so Trump is covering his bases and he knows the truth will come out, one way or another. Is Mueller guided now by his conscience or did he get to his position in life because he (like the Bushes and Clintons) is corrupt at the core. We are all given a chance to repent, redeem and reinvent ourselves. This is Mueller’s chance, big time, as he is not only in a position to save his own soul, he is a position to redeem the FBI as a credible and competent American institution.

    As the saying goes “we will know Mueller by the fruits of his actions.”

    As for Sessions, my sense is deep down he is a good ole boy, who genuinely tries to do what is right. His recusal comes from that place, and in these times especially, that’s the best place for all of us to come from, regardless of how Mueller does or does not perform.

    • Cherie.

      Thanks for that update. We’ve been discussing these scenarios behind the scenes on our slack channel… aren’t you a member?

      I’m resistant to the redemption story on Mueller but, as the saying goes, “I’m happy to be wrong about it.”

      So, we’ll see. I will, however, say that I truly believe we are close to a major reversal of fortune in the next few weeks and once that avalanche starts the roaches will be scurrying for cover…

      T’will be really fun!

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