With each passing day, the smoke circling Hillary Clinton’s campaign gets thicker.  Wikileaks continues to release thousands of e-mails which detail the extent of the criminal activity surrounding not only her campaign but also the Clinton Foundation.

We’ve already had two people ‘pursue other interests,’ thanks to releases from Project Veritas Action, from sub-contractors who were hired to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies — a felony if you’re keeping score — so a complicit corporate media could blame it on him and his violent rhetoric.

The information released so far implicates nearly everyone in close proximity to Hillary and Bill Clinton, including… wait for it, President Barack Obama himself.  And, it’s not like there’s any love lost between Obama and the Clintons.

Moreover, these are both primary sources publicly indicating serious crimes of collusion, conspiracy and fraud. You know what primary sources are right?  They are those things CNN and the New York Times never seem to refer to in their ‘serious journalism’ while covering anything having to do with the Clintons.

A mass DDoS attack on these pillars of the fourth estate and the architects of globalism occurred on Friday, including George Soros himself (give him a ring, why don’t you?). Presumably this happened in response to reports that Wikileaks founder and chief, Julian Assange, had been extracted from his asylum at the Ecuadoran Embassy in London.

And they say the revolution won’t be televised.  Well, only if we say so.

Against this backdrop, I want to refer you to a report that came out on October 16th detailing a $1.8 billion transaction cleared through the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and the Bank of Qatar, facilitated by J.P. Morgan Chase from the Clinton Foundation.

I want to repeat that number for you.  One Point Eight. Billion.  Dollars.

Now why would she do this?  There are a couple of reasons I can think of, and, sometimes, truth is much stranger than fiction.  But, in most cases Occam’s Razor is simply the best tool for the job.

And since we only have the proof handed to us from sources like Wikileaks, Project Veritas and Charles Ortel, whose work has uncovered close to $100 billion in graft laundered through the Clinton Foundation, I will engage in some of that “rank speculation” and “conspiracy theorizing” that the media accuses us of.

So let’s get started connecting a few more dots, shall we?

First, hacker group Anonymous released the results of a massive poll they conducted in which Donald Trump was leading Hillary Clinton 67% to 19% nationally.  Unlike most of the polls reported breathlessly by the corporate media this one was oversampled in favor of Democrats over Republicans by the grand total of zero percent.

If this poll and other accounts I’ve heard of disastrous internal polling are anywhere close to correct, then Hillary is doomed on November 8th.

This thesis is backed up by Hillary’s abysmal performance in the last two debates, wherein she widened what I call her “Authenticity Gap” with voters.  She even compounded her alleged crimes by explaining to everyone what the U.S. response time is for launching nuclear weapons is.

Thus, proving to the entire world that she is the one with a temperament unfit to handle both state secrets and the nuclear launch codes.

A point I made quite pointedly post-debate.

Next we have a report from Judge Andrew Napolitano at Fox News that it was patriots within the National Security Agency itself that hacked the Democratic National Committee in a bid to derail Hillary’s candidacy.

Could they be the source of all of these Podesta e-mails being released daily by Wikileaks?

Then think back to the report, from an NBC news staffer no less, after Hillary’s interview with Matt Lauer back in September where she explicitly calls Donald Trump a fascist – takes one to know one, I guess – and acknowledges he will put her and her staff in jail if he wins.

“If that f – – – ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s
finished…and if I lose it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.”

— Hillary Clinton

A statement which Trump emphatically made at the second debate, in my opinion ensuring his victory on November 8th.   Her crazed war-mongering with Russia over Syria is losing her votes.

And those undecided voters she was supposed to pick up by looking more Presidential than Trump at the last two debates are rapidly moving to Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein who is now routinely polling 4-6% after polling just 1-2% a month ago.

Then I note that Qatar is one of the few countries with which the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty.  Now ain’t that just a little bit curious?

Because with Obama now implicated in her crimes he’s not going to pardon her on his way out of office.  He is no longer bound to her psychotic Prisoner’s Dilemma she put him in.  In fact, the opposite might occur; that he trades giving her over for saving his own hide and finally making him worthy of that Nobel Peace Prize he was handed for drone-striking brown people the world over.

And if that happens, Hillary better have a bug-out bag packed…. Full of cash.  Hint. Hint.

The strongest defense Hillary has in the minds of the people who are committed to voting for her is that despite all of this smoke, she’s not been indicted.  Nothing seems to stick.

But, that’s the thing about power and Hillary for the next couple of weeks still has plenty of it based on the threat of retribution once she’s elected.  But, power is ephemeral.  It dissipates the second you no longer have leverage over the other person.

In the past week, since the Podesta e-mails and Project Veritas videos have surfaced we’re seeing media members beginning to cut bait and virtue signal towards Trump.  Not dead-ender, cry-babies like Bill Kristol, he’s hopeless.  But people like Megyn Kelly, who now have to act like journalists to recapture a fraction of the audience lost stumping for Hillary.

And what all this smoke surrounding Hillary is saying, quite clearly, is that there is dissension in the lower echelons of the pillars of the Empire, otherwise none of this information would be common knowledge.

There is a rule in screenwriting, “conflict doesn’t create character, it reveals it.” And it seems to me that we’re seeing the pressure created by a potential Clinton restoration is revealing in the right people the content of their character rather than the color of her money.