As we approach the end of this election something has ramped up far more than just the political rhetoric… the assault on free speech itself.  In the past twenty-four hours we have seen three major events that are direct attacks on free dissemination of information.

The first occurred on Sunday with the fire-bombing of the GOP headquarters in Orange County North Carolina. Like my hometown of Gainesville, Florida, the city of Hillsborough is overwhelmingly Democrat.

And while I find more Gary Johnson signs than Hillary signs while I drive around town I don’t see someone from that tribe engaging in terrorism to influence an election.

What’s next?  Public hangings of Republicans?  Separate water fountains?

CNN, that bastion of common decency, took to its government-subsidized airspace to blame Donald Trump for this because he incites anger in people.  Well, guess what?

It wasn’t Trump who called his rival Hillary Clinton, “Hitler,” even though her creepy advocacy of draconian gun restriction and curtailments of free speech through intimidation and bribery of those that stand athwart her coronation are far more Hilterian than anything Trump has ever said.

No, it’s been Hillary that has tarred every political opponent with the Hitler moniker.

And thanks to that, CNN, we have a building adjacent to a fire-bombed GOP office in a battleground state vandalized with a swastika and the threat, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

Of course, these people follow vandals, so it only makes sense that they act like vandals.

Hillary engages in classic psychological projecting her own behavior onto her rivals and uses the media to whip up her supporters into bomb-throwing brownshirts but I’m supposed to believe that Trump wants to gas all illegal immigrants after grabbing them by their genitals?

Try saying even a moderated version of that on Facebook these days and see what happens.

After this lovely display of post-rational behavior by uncritical Adderol-addicts I wake up (early) this morning to see two things scrawl across my Gab feed. First, Wikileaks founder and chief, Julian Assange has had his internet connection at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London severed, proudly I might add, by a ‘state actor.’

And second, Russia Today’s bank accounts in London were frozen without explanation. Less than a day after Max Kaiser went off on the Royal Bank of Scotland, the owner of RT’s bank, NatWest.

It couldn’t have been because RT has been inflicting major ratings wounds on the sclerotic BBC could it?

It couldn’t have been because Hillary ran out of interns to pay to slander Donald Trump with ridiculous sexual assault charges could it?

It couldn’t have been because Wikileaks was set to release a truly damning video of her doing something that would cost her the election could it?

It couldn’t have been because the unthinkable decision to go to war with Russia has already been made to ensure that in the event of a Trump electoral victory he never takes office could it?

It couldn’t have been that internal polling is showing that Trump has already won this election could it?

I couldn’t have been because the first casualty in any war is the truth?

And since the deplorable elites have declared war on us we’ll never get anything close to the truth about how corrupt our system is.

Could it?

Even then, will anyone who still is willing to vote for Hillary Clinton care enough to listen?

Because that’s the worst part about all of this.  When Wikileaks was informing us of Bush’s crimes they were heroes.  But, now, by exposing the orgy of filth surrounding Hillary, they are traitors who need to be silenced.

Obama took office pledging to be the most transparent president ever. His administration was to be a haven for whistleblowers.  Then why is Assange holed up in an embassy avoiding extradition on, wait for it, rape charges, and Edward Snowden stranded in Russia?

Obama will leave office the enabler of one of the biggest cover-ups in our country’s history all it seems, thanks to Wikileaks, because he was just as guilty as Hillary.

Julian Assange, like Trump, is a vessel.  They represent our need for the truth of what people we elect do with the power we vest in them. They themselves are irrelevant. And flawed as they may be, it is their singular strengths which make them the right men for their time.

Each are, to quote the Cowboy from The Big Lebowski, “… the man for his time and place.  He fits right in there.”

As this assault on rationality, decency and the truth continues towards its apotheosis hopefully more men of character will rise above their own faults to be The Dude looking out for ‘all us sinners.’