This is Part II of the discussion between myself, Vince Lanci and Tom Bodroviks of Palisades Gold Radio. Vince and I try to walk through the mechanisms through which a market shifts from one place to another and why that has massive implications for the US dollar and the global economy.

This isn’t an hour of doom porn, but rather a sober look at how real markets and market players respond to incentives over time and in response to policy.

Show Notes:

Podcast Episode #149 – Palisades Gold – Vince Lanci and How a Global Reserve Currency Dies Part 1
Luongo: The War for the Dollar is Already Over Part I
Luongo: The War for the Dollar is Over Part II: The Fly or the Windshield?
Lanci – The BiS has inserted itself into BRICS CBDC platforms, what comes next?

Previous Episodes:

Podcast Episode #148 – Danielle Dimartino Booth and Whether Powell Can Hang On
Podcast Episode #147 — David Hay and the Rising Risk of Recession
Podcast Episode #146 – Richard Poe and the Reach of Perfidious Albion

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