The original version of this post appeared as the monthly editorial for the April 2021 Issue of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter

I See Dead Memes

Corrupt systems are a breeding ground for weak men to elevate themselves over strong ones.  Looking at the world today it’s clear that we are governed by small, corrupt men and women whose only goal is to validate themselves through the projection of their power.

But this isn’t a new observation. It’s a description of the state of global affairs which are accelerating towards a potentially catastrophic outcome for everyone.  And it isn’t just our political leadership I’m talking about now.

This fundamental corruption is everywhere and the more endemic the corruption, the more individuals try and cover up their corruption.  It’s like they’ve constructed a massive array of mirrors to place false idols and false conflicts in front of us to distract from their actual plans.

That said, we’re standing on the brink of major global conflict because it may be just as likely that our leadership isn’t incompetent or mustache-twirling malicious but rather terrified of anyone finding out the true depths of their depravity.

People like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney and others are all currently profiting outrageously from their investments in Ukrainian gas interests.  What if all of the wrangling over Nordstream 2 isn’t about U.S. military doctrine or The Davos Crowd’s Quixotic quest to control plant food emissions and is simply them protecting their gravy train?

What if it is simply a bunch of venal, corrupt overgrown children running around desperately trying to keep the truth from coming to light and are willing to start a world war to do so? 

That’s truly terrifying.  What’s worse is that we’ve built an entire society to reinforce this behavior.

It’s bred a generation of aging bullies who spend their days creating fictitious versions of themselves to present to social and state media (but I repeat myself) to run out the clock on either their corruption, in the case of politicians, and/or their incompetence on the part of CEOs, middle managers and so-called subject experts.

Everywhere I look I see some jackass trying to cover up some catastrophically terrible decision out of fear of losing face.  While Twitter is the furthest thing from real life you’ll find, it’s also a pretty good mirror into the soul of the person on the other side of the blue checkmark if you’re perceptive.

You’ve all heard my rants about the anti-Bitcoiners like Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini. These are men so pot-committed to their reputations that to reverse course publicly would be tantamount to destroying their businesses.

Dr. Anthony Fauci contradicts himself now within the same statement to the press, having lied so much for more than a year now, he can’t keep them straight nor support the corrupt system that elevated him to godhood in the first place.  He stands exposed daily while Dr. and Senator Rand Paul publicly tears him apart.

But Fauci, shamelessly corrupt, seems immune to it.

Taleb Unmasked

This corruption of the ego has infected truly smart people like Nassem Nicolas Taleb, who has made himself into a laughingstock on Twitter over his convincing himself through bad math — his subject expertise I might add — that he’s right about everything COVID-19 related rather than just admit in public that he’s a scared old man wearing two masks because it makes him feel safe.

Now he’s openly attacking anyone who questions his self-proclaimed position as the smartest man on Twitter, a dubious distinction on the best of days, by just attacking without merit people who question his published arguments.

Lyn Alden’s heresy was to honestly critique Taleb’s recent paper which he never formally responded to except to call her names. I guess he’s too important to respond to plebes anymore.

His public persona as an alpha male and, frankly, a bully won’t allow a moment of weakness like that.  Now that he’s sold his bitcoin, everyone who hasn’t is an idiot in his eyes, an extension of his need to be publicly smarter than everyone else.  I can understand hating the Twitter mob that went after him, but, that’s the price of pursuing fame the way he has.

A man of Taleb’s intellect and ability should not become a sad series of angry old man memes.

And yet, he has, more’s the pity. 

Every day he gets more belligerent and with it more irrelevant to even his own previous writings.

As I said originally when Taleb first announced his falling out of love with bitcoin earlier this year:

Because Mr. Antifragile himself continues to miss the reasons why humans desire antifragility and expects that to occur on his time schedule not theirs.

So, he falls back on insults defended by dubiously-applicable math rather than admit to the paradigm shift happening in front of his eyes.

Bitcoin’s volatility isn’t as much a bug in its design but a feature of its adoption curve.

Tyson’s Knockout

To remind everyone, another insufferably arrogant certified smart person, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, was gob smacked by the Steak-Umm’s social media millennial reminding him that science isn’t an immutable truth but rather the search for it which is ever ongoing.

This is the room you’re working, folks. And almost none of you are Don Rickles.

I say this all the time. You may be the smartest man in the room, but you aren’t smarter than the room.  And when the room turns on you and calls your bluff the superior man bows his head, admits his faults and and man’s up.

The weak man never feels he can rise above that moment of revelation because, deep down he knows he’s a fraud. 

This is weakness, not strength.  None of us are immune to this. Not me, not you, not anyone.  There is no vaccine for hubris.  

But unless we continue smashing all their mirrors, we will forever be lost in the wilderness of their corruption.

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