“He’ll see everything! He’ll see the Big Board!”
—  Gen. Buck Turgidson “Dr. Strangelove”

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The civilizational war continues.  And events have me wondering, “Are there any grown ups in charge?”

President Placeholder, Biden, certainly isn’t.  And if he actually is then that makes me even more scared.  Biden’s so dirty in Ukraine you have to ask the question seriously whether he’s willing to start a war with Russia to keep it covered up…mostly.

It is increasingly obvious to me that The Davos Crowd thinks soft power is the key to military power.

But military power is something completely different. And it’s something, once unleashed, just like an internal culture war, that ends with a lot more dead people than anyone anticipated.

… given how obvious this is becoming to everyone it may actually be them unless war is inevitable.

I don’t believe anyone wants a war but, like Barbara Tuchman wrote on the eve of World War I feel war may be inevitable.

All for the made up hoax of Global Warming and a new form of Communism based on the same bad theories of action as the last form.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses the current crisis in Ukraine and how it may be the spark that leads to an outcome no one wants but now, sadly can’t be stopped.

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  • Why is Biden pushing Ukraine into conflict?
  • What is driving Germany to make disastrous decisions over a pipeline?
  • How Russia has no choice but to raise the stakes on Biden
  • Why we have to accept the responsibility of resisting the dumbest people’s plan ever.
  • What changes we should make to our investments because of this.
  • How COVID-19 broke some of the smartest men in the world. 

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