Election day is a singular moment in time with the potential to change a great number of things. It was important to me to sit down with someone working on what some of those changes may look like and what those coming behind me are thinking about.

This week’s talk is with The Uberboyo, a rising star on YouTube’s philosophy corner who, I feel, demands a wider audience and whose interpretations of Nietzsche and Jung overlap really well with the non-aggression principle and the basic law of economics as practiced by normal people, i.e. Austrians.

That’s why I invited him on the show this week and that’s where we try to unpack some new ideas on Austrian Subjective Value Theory.

Sit back, relax and listen to one of the most fascinating people working today.

Show notes:

@Uberboyo on Twitter
Uberboyo on YouTube
Carl Jung’s Red Book – Did He Go Crazy or Predict the Future?

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