This week Investigative Journalist Whitney Webb is with me to discuss what’s happening with Operation Warp Speed, the deep connections to DARPA, the DoD, U.S. Intelligence and how that ties into the planned total surveillance state which it seems no one, not even President Trump, can or even wants to stop.

Whitney’s one of the finest journalists working today and it is an honor for me to have her on as a regular guest. Her work dovetails perfectly with the overreach of governments in the financial sector to effect the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, coming to a theatre of the absurd near you in 2021.

Show Notes:

Whitney Webb on the Web
Unlimited Hangout
The Last American Vagabond
(Video- Must Watch!)The Secret ‘Corona-Thrax’ Project & The Impending Bio False Flag
Secretive HHS AI Platform to Predict US Covid-19 Outbreaks Weeks in Advance
Operation Warp Speed is Using a CIA-Linked Contractor to Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret

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