The Civil War in the U.S. continues to heat up and events over the past week reinforce this idea to me. This week I cover both the formation and reinvention of the CHAZ — Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone — in Seattle as well as my own experiences with the Trump Flotilla here in Florida.

There are two completely separate cultures who will continue to clash politically and socially and they will not be reconciled by something as tawdry as an election. The U.S. is headed for that ugly future I’ve been writing about for weeks and the people who have unleashed this chaos have no idea that it will grow far beyond what they initially intended.

Notice how this has nothing to do with George Floyd anymore, which may be the saddest comment on the entire affair.

Show Notes:

Walter Block — Reparations
Blameless in Seattle – No One is Spared
Operation Occupy White House Enters Final Act

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