“Well.. We’re in it now..”
— Babylon 5

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The U.S. is on Fire.  A coup attempt is underway using the righteous anger over the death of George Floyd to undermine our society.

The elites I call The Davos Crowd have turned the hoax that is COVID-19 into an international uprising against police states they had a guiding hand in building and now they have us fighting each other.

What we’re facing in the U.S. is truly the first Civil War in our History.

The financial markets are teetering on oblivion while the street-level chaos they’ve unleashed is barely under control.

And we’ve already seen signs that even they won’t be spared the anger of the outrage mob whose strongest symbol is now a 6 block no-go zone in downtown Seattle.

But there’s still hope.  President Trump hasn’t taken the bait yet and there is a strong probability we will stand our ground and say no more.

But the America we know and believe in the ideals of may be gone forever. 

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  • What’s the real motivation behind the real U.S. Civil War
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  • Why Bitcoin’s struggles post-halving are a bullish signal 
  • Why secession is the ultimate form of human liberty 

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