This week I sit down for a chat with investigative journalist Whitney Webb to discuss here latest work uncovering the history of the recently announced U.S./Taliban Afghanistan peace deal. Whitney does a fantastic job of breaking down the major players, the likelihood of success and what the real motivations for the U.S. in signing this deal are.

What a shock, FYI, it’s all about energy and opium!

From there we take the discussion global to cover the political and economic consequences to the coronavirus outbreak and to what extent governments around the world will use this as an excuse to impose new draconian controls over their populaces.

Finally, in the last section we take some time to reflect on how all of this effects the current panic in the equity and dollar-funding markets.

Show Notes:

Whitney Webb on How the New US-Afghanistan Peace Deal Rekindled a “Business Friendly Taliban”
Gazprom and Iran Finally Get the Pipeline of Their Dreams

Extreme Repo Market Stress

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