Alistair Crooke and I sit down for a wide-ranging chat on the loss of institutional legitimacy all across the West and the Middle East. Starting with Brexit and what it means for the U.K. and spanning the globe to include Europe, its relationship to Russia and the ideological wars being waged by various factions against Iran and China, this is an episode I don’t think anyone should miss.

I know that I am better served for having been a part of it. And, if in our own small way we can prevent further wars of this type, it will have been time very well spent.

Show Notes

Israel in the Middle East — A Civilisational and Metaphysical War
The Many Matryoska Dolls to America’s Way of Imagining Iran
Does Gangster-nomics Meet its End in the Iraqi Desert?
After Missiles Fly, Iraq Becomes the Battleground

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