Iran’s move to pull out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty looks like an invitation to the U.S. to bomb them back to the stone age. But is it? Russian military strategy is predicated on creating cauldrons, encircling an over-confident enemy and cutting off their means of retreat.

Is this move by Iran part of their larger gambit to get what it wants in the Middle East? Are the Neocons about to fall into the biggest geopolitical quagmire of all time? This week we explore all of these issues and what the Taliban downing an E-11a BACN Communications plane means knowing that the CIA’s head of its Anti-Iran division, Mike D’angea was onboard.

This was a high-value target for the Taliban since this plane is the thing that glues the entire U.S. war against them together. Did the Taliban get lucky? Or do we have intelligence leaks that have shocked the U.S. into near silence on this?

Show Notes

MoA – The Air War in Afghanistan Expands on Both Sides
Motion to Withdraw from the NPT Tabled in Iranian Parliament
Iran — Message Sent, Message Delivered
Escobar — Iran Missile Accuracy in 30 Seconds

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