Today I sit down with The Duran’s Editorial Director Alexander Mercouris to discuss in fine, granular detail the sweeping changes proposed this week by Russian President Vladimir Putin and how this sets Russia up for the next couple of decades.

This is can’t miss analysis from one of the real giants in geopolitics.

Alexander and I cover the history of how Putin has gradually amended Russia’s constitution and governmental structure to suit the times and achieve both his near-term, tactical goals while keeping a weather eye on the long-term strategic ones as well.

Show Notes

Putin’s State of the Nation Address 2020
Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin
Soleimani fallout continues to produce diplomatic dividends for Russia
Vladimir Putin Prepares His Succession
The Duran on Europe’s Caving on the JCPOA
The Duran – Russia’s NEW government: Why Vladimir Putin chose to stick with his team

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