Donald Trump is the most divisive American political figure of my lifetime.

Even Ronald Reagan wasn’t treated like this.  Back then the real powers in the U.S. used their full control over the narrative to keep Reagan on a short leash.

Reagan, like Trump, was a Master of Media.  They both are what Scott Adams calls Master Persuaders.

Their power to communicate transcends words.  It breaks through control systems.

They are divisive because they can’t be controlled.

The so-called “Resistance” can’t see the man, only his words.  His words create negative feelings. They believe their feelings are your responsibility.

This is why Whoopi Goldberg said she can’t “figure out how to fix this,” just before losing her mind last week.

Whoopi doesn’t accept that her feelings are her responsibility and they have consequences.

The problem isn’t her, it’s always those ‘Deplorables’ and “Alt-Right Nazis” who duped good people into voting for an evil man.

She has to accept that Trump is a sleeper agent, straight out of some John LeCarre spy novel, or otherwise admit she’s wrong.  She has to believe the Deep State isn’t real.

How did otherwise rational people fall for such a patent lie?

Let’s go through the Four Stages of Trump to find out.

Stage 1 – Joker

When Donald Trump entered the GOP circus ring everyone snickered.  When Ann Coulter told Bill Maher’s audience he would win, they laughed out loud.

To them Trump was a joke.

This was the start of New America. Their values won.

Smug liberalism would triumph completely with Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the first woman president.

Trump was like stink bomb exploding in their yurt while they chanted about “The Legacy of Obama.”

The seeds of Trump’s illegitimacy were sown in July 2015.  Every official opinion-maker misread the country.

They thought Ron Paul’s populist rebellion of 2012 was over.

They were wrong.

Stage 2 – Hitler

As Trump knocked off GOP sacrificial offerings to Hillary things turned serious.  Trump’s bluntness on immigration and border security became the true third rail of American politics.

The acme of toxic masculinity to them, Trump would never be president.  Not in 2016!

They invoked the spectre of Roe v. Wade to frighten women into insanity.

Social media algorithms multiplied the mania.

Invoking Hitler is always the end game of this phase of the psy-op.

Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Qaddafi, Putin.


“How could these people vote for a man who is ‘literally Hitler?’”

The joke was that’s how much we hated their New America we were willing to vote for DONALD TRUMP.

And they stopped laughing.

Stage 3: Burglar

That disbelief turned to denial.

“Trump’s dirty.” They’ll bring him to heel.

“He’s a boor!”  Look at that hair!

“He’s backed by Nazis!”  Invoke Putin to create an “Other” to hate.

“We’re the good guys?!” While cosplaying a vagina and normalizing pedophilia

“She couldn’t possibly have lost.”  Putin’s Puppet

“What’s wrong with America!?”  Now it’s war!!

We rejected Hillary’s obvious evil for Trump’s potential evil.

As my wife put it, “I’ve waited 25 years to vote against that bitch.”

They willingly convinced themselves that Trump was an evil Nazi.

A puppet of Vladimir Putin for daring to say we should get along with Russia.

To do otherwise, despite mounting evidence of a frame-up to steal the Presidency back from him, would mean examining themselves. And that doesn’t happen inside the Cult.

When your only god is power, all theft is justifiable.

Stage 4: Spy

And that’s why it’s so easy now, post-Helsinki, for the Deep State to openly declare war on the President, branding him a traitor.

I told you they would before it happened.

They have a large swath of Americans convinced of this.

It is leading directly to Civil War.

And it’s a shame.  Those convinced of Trump’s guilt have the same concerns over abuse of power and the rise of what Sam Francis calls ‘Anarcho-Tyranny’ that we do.

Unlimited Power for me (the government) but not for thee (the people).

And, for all of his faults, Donald Trump threatens that arrangement.  The Left are now the CIA’s Brownshirts.

They have become all that they say they hate.  They always do.

Trump has destroyed the media. New Nolan Chart

Social media companies, revealed as an Orwellian Panopticon, have destroyed their credibility through blatant censorship.

The Democrats are in open insurrection.

The GOP leadership exposed as their rearguard.

Containment has been breached.

Trump is leading a center-right movement up the Nolan Chart towards the America we hold in our heads, not the one we live in.


We have entered a dangerous phase of the lifecycle of any society.  Titanic shifts in geopolitics will reverberate around the world and across your investment portfolio.  We’re seeing the beginnings of that now.

  1. China’s Yuan is under intense pressure
  2. The Bank of Japan just announced unlimited QE with NO BUYERS of the bonds!)
  3. Emerging Markets are teetering as the flow of dollars dries up thanks to the Fed’s tightening
  4. Europe is a political basket case with the EU fracturing
  5. Russia openly defying the U.S. on sanctions and leading the world away from the dollar.
  6. Cryptocurrencies are building a foundation of a new monetary system which takes power back from the banking cartel.

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