Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit with Mueller Indictments

So, imagine my shock, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted twelve Russian intelligence officers on the eve of a summit between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite his oh-so-earnest protestations to the contrary, Rod Rosenstein, of all people, knows there are no coincidences in politics.

Trump is on a search and destroy mission all across Europe right now attacking the pillars of the post-WWII institutional order.

While in Washington, Congress devolved into an episode of Jerry Springer during the Peter Strzok hearings yesterday.  Both Strzok and Rosenstein have literally destroyed their credibility by stonewalling Congress over the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server, which, conveniently Mueller now has enough information to take to the Grand Jury.

In my mind, this is a level of panic and desperation unseen in the annals of Washington D.C. coverups. Both Strzok and Rosenstein know that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is completely compromised and can do nothing to stop them from obstructing investigations and turning our justice system into something worse than farce.

And why do I think this is a desperate move by Mueller?  Because the indictments go out of their way to preclude any Americans having any involvement in these ‘hacking events’ at all.

So, this does nothing at all to strengthen Mueller’s investigation of Trump himself.  It actually weakens his mandate as Special Counsel.

On the other hand, it does a bang-up job of shifting the news cycle away from Trump’s heavy-handed but effective steam-rolling Germany and the UK over NATO spending, energy policy and Brexit.

Trump continues, in his circuitous way, to stick a fork in the eye of the globalists whose water politicians like Angela Merkel and Theresa May have carried for years.

Now with Trump prepared to sit down with Putin and potentially hammer out a major agreement on many outstanding issues like Syria, arms control, NATO’s purpose, energy policy and terrorism the Deep State/Globalist/Davos Crowd needed something to saddle him with to prevent this from happening.

The reasoning will be (if not already out there as I write this) that Trump would be a traitor for sitting down with Putin after these indictments.

These indictments are not of some Russian private citizens Internet trolls like the last batch.  These are Russian military intelligence officers.  And the irony of this, of course, is that the intelligence officers involved in collating and disseminating demonstrably false information about Trump which led to all this in the first place hail from the country that Trump is currently visiting, the U.K.

So, the trap is set for the Democrats, Never Trumpers and media to hang Trump next week with whatever agreement he signs with Putin. In fact, at this point Trump could shoot Putin in the face with a concealed Derringer and they’d say he killed Putin to shut him up.

There is no rationality left to this circus.  And that’s what these indictments represent.

This is not about right and wrong, it never was.  It is, was and always will be about maintaining power.  If this week shows people anything it should show just how far these powerful people will go to maintain that power, pelf and privilege.

Because winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing in politics.  Unfortunately, for them, people all over the West are getting tired of it.  And the more they smirk, shuck, jive and cry “Point of Order!” the angrier the people will get.

As one of my savvy subscribers said to me this morning, the Strzok hearings are brilliant.  They are shifting the Overton Window so far away from the status quo that it will never shift back to where it was.

I’m sure Mueller, are thinking they are so smart in doing this today.  Just like Angela Merkel continues to think she’s survived the challenge to her power and Theresa May hers.

They think they’ve managed these crises.

They haven’t.  All they are doing is ensuring the next opportunity the people get to rise up against them at the ballot box the worse it will be for them.  And if the ballot box doesn’t work, then pitchforks and torches come out.

It is the way of things.  It has happened before and it will happen again.

Those in power and their quislings in the media and the legislatures continue to decry this growing sense of unfairness as dangerous.  Terms like isolationist, conspiracy theorist, nativist and racist are all used as bludgeons to shame people for feeling outraged at the corruption they see with their own eyes.

The problem for people like Strzok, Rosenstein and Mueller is that they are simply expendable pawns.  And when the time is right they will be sacrificed to ensure the real perpetrators walk without a scratch.

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14 thoughts on “Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit with Mueller Indictments

  1. Everything certainly is building to a climax. I have no idea what the “The Russians did it” crowd hope to achieve though. Perhaps they think the can do a frontal assault on Russia, starting in Syria, and just roll east? If so, I would think that the globalist outcome of that strategy would be one where we all speak Chinese.

    Here’s an interesting big picture outline. All the pressure on Iran and Germany (and NATO in general) is to get them to all stop lining up with China. Can’t say I disagree.

  2. This is part of a long range plan to finish off any semblance of democracy in the U.S. Congress is one of the most corrupt institutions in world history if measured on a $ bribe per capita or in total bribes and kickbacks taken with recent approval ratings between 7% and 12%, by far the lowest of any public or private U.S. institution. They are in full support of the Deep State/IC impeachment plan. The kabuki hearings by Goodlatte, Jordan, etc. are designed to make some people believe that they are “trying to do their jobs, but it’s tough”.
    However, the plan to impeach Trump proceeds.
    We know what is going on, but remember that the group is led by people that vast criminal conspiracies in plain public view-9-11 and the coverup. What did Congress do after all their tough hearings on the recent financial crisis…Wall Street got bigger bonuses and the crisis was used to hand out money to the .01% who own Congress.
    The Deep State actors have full confidence that through their allies in the intelligence community they can pull this off. Without producing any verifiable evidence they will continue saying that the Russians “hacked” the election, justifying draconian measures to “protect democracy” just as 9-11 was used. The plan is shut down any critical media and make mass arrests of “traitors” and “co-conspirators” so that the 2016 election can never happen again. They thought they had solved the problem with the IRS and Lois Lerner, but now see that tougher measures are needed.
    We are fully aware that this group is a vicious gang of criminal psychopaths, but that does not necessarily mean they will not succeed. History here in America indicates they will succeed.

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  4. Do not look at U.S. history for guidance. Look at the Jacobins in France, or the Bolsheviks in Russia. “It can’t happen here.” does not apply. I have thought for 2 years that it would come to down to coup/countercoup and we would have to see where the military come out on this. Approval ratings on Congress says that democracy is pretty much gone in the U.S. The question is only what form will replace it, and it looks like some type of dictatorship will be formally recognized, led by either Deep State or Military.

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