Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Strzok, Rosenstein and the Rise of Anarcho-Tyranny

Sam Francis coined the term “Anarcho-tyranny” to describe the state the U.S. and Europe have descended into.  In short, it is where the state works to protect its own and those that control it while bringing the full weight of it down on those that are supposed to be served by it.

Anarchy for those at the top and tyranny for those below.  From Occupy Wall St. to Brexit to The Deplorables who elected Trump, we know in our hearts on both sides of the political spectrum this is the state of affairs today.

Watching Peter Strzok preen and smirk his way through Congressional testimony, thumbing his nose at the people who pay his salary (us) because he is protected by a paralyzed bureaucracy and captured Constitutional officers (*cough* Jeff Sessions *cough*) is a gift.

Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller offering up thin indictments of Russian Intelligence agents to stop an outbreak of peace in the world when Putin and Trump sit down to talk on Monday is an act of desperation.

British Intelligence finding a bottle of “Novichok” in a flop house the same day that Trump is in London dressing down Prime Minister Theresa May over bungling Brexit is simply pathetic.

These ‘coincidences’ only shift the Overton Window farther up the Nolan Chart for the 30% of the U.S. electorate that holds no party loyalty.  Their loyalty is rapidly becoming to themselves and their family first and making excuses for their country a distant second.

Welcome to the evolving Libertopia of the new center-Right of American Politics.

All that and some World Cup discussion to round out an eventful week in 70 minutes.

Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit with Mueller Indictments

Mr. Trump Tear Down This Alliance


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11 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Strzok, Rosenstein and the Rise of Anarcho-Tyranny

  1. Man ,there is a ton of stuff here, a true gold mine for information junkies like me and I havent consider this at all. I’m going to dive into the video later today. Than you for sharing!

  2. I’ve been thinking… If any agreements are made at the Helsinki summit, Trump will have to reign in the deep state to implement them. I’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been a complete house cleaning at DOJ and FBI yet. Perhaps Trump is waiting for them to “jump the shark” so blatantly that when it finally comes it will be seen as the end of their long farce by everyone but the true believers, who by that point will be seen as delusional by the general public. Trump is the master of the game of perception. If he pulls it off the Democrats get crushed this fall. If not, we get president Pence next spring. Game on.

  3. At another level, I just found this Russian description of the state of play in the “great game” over at the Saker’s site.

    It mirrors a lot of what you and others point out: that this is all about the realignment of the world order for the next half century or more. Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump has much to offer Putin that could get him to sell out China, and by extension Iran and Europe. Hell, the best thing Trump has to offer is that he’s not Clinton or Pence, because at this point he has yet to demonstrate full control of US policy.

  4. All this thinking about China and Russia holding hands and walking off into the sunset down the Silk Road is inconsistent with most of the last 1000 years of Eurasian history. The Grand Duchy of Moscow became the Tsardom of Russia primarily by getting rid of Silk Road warriors to whom they paid tribute as vassals for centuries including, indirectly, to Khagan Kublai Khan who also was Emperor of China in the 13th century. Since then it has never been a bed of roses between Russia and China even when they were both Communist. I tend to believe that Xi wants to restore China to the status of the Middle Kingdom–at least in the Eurasian landmass, if not globally.

  5. Guess what I’ve heard? There is an investigation into the Clinton Foundation after all, and guess who is heading this investigation?

    Melissa Hodgman Strzok, the wife of Peter Strzok.

    How un#*%&!)$ing unbelievable is that? Cripes, I knew the government was corrupt before, but good lord, I had no idea it was THIS corrupt.

      • Of course, it’s just something I’ve heard, but, from poking around on the net, seems to be true.

        I’m convinced we’re pretty close to a tipping point.

        Remember when it was SUPPOSEDLY reported that Hillary Clinton said “If that f*ing bastard wins, we all hang”? I took that with a grain of salt, but I think maybe she did say it after all.

        Every day more and more people are realizing they’ve been duped, they are realizing the media is full of crap, they are realizing the intelligence agencies are just entirely corrupt. It’s said you only need 10% of a population to have a revolution, well, I think fully 25% of the population is all for it right now, and it’s going up. The walk away movement is proof of that. The hysterics of Comey, Brennan, Waters, etc etc etc just gets crazier by the day – I think this is desperation.

        Interesting times we live in.

      • These people pass out red pills to the center of this country thinking its SOMA. That’s the joke. And, it won’t be on us when the time comes.

      • “These people pass out red pills to the center of this country thinking its SOMA. That’s the joke.”

        Haha – I’m stealing that one. Good one.

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