Sam Francis coined the term “Anarcho-tyranny” to describe the state the U.S. and Europe have descended into.  In short, it is where the state works to protect its own and those that control it while bringing the full weight of it down on those that are supposed to be served by it.

Anarchy for those at the top and tyranny for those below.  From Occupy Wall St. to Brexit to The Deplorables who elected Trump, we know in our hearts on both sides of the political spectrum this is the state of affairs today.

Watching Peter Strzok preen and smirk his way through Congressional testimony, thumbing his nose at the people who pay his salary (us) because he is protected by a paralyzed bureaucracy and captured Constitutional officers (*cough* Jeff Sessions *cough*) is a gift.

Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller offering up thin indictments of Russian Intelligence agents to stop an outbreak of peace in the world when Putin and Trump sit down to talk on Monday is an act of desperation.

British Intelligence finding a bottle of “Novichok” in a flop house the same day that Trump is in London dressing down Prime Minister Theresa May over bungling Brexit is simply pathetic.

These ‘coincidences’ only shift the Overton Window farther up the Nolan Chart for the 30% of the U.S. electorate that holds no party loyalty.  Their loyalty is rapidly becoming to themselves and their family first and making excuses for their country a distant second.

Welcome to the evolving Libertopia of the new center-Right of American Politics.

All that and some World Cup discussion to round out an eventful week in 70 minutes.

Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit with Mueller Indictments

Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit with Mueller Indictments

Mr. Trump Tear Down This Alliance

Mr. Trump Tear Down This Alliance


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