The First U.S. Civil War is here. The real Civil War.

The one between We the People and the Government itself.

The U.S. Civil War fought by Lincoln is badly mis-named.  Rightly considered it was a war to prevent independence of the South from the united States (not a mistake in capitalization).  The South seceded.

Just like the Donbass today fights to fend off a Ukrainian army from eradication of ethnic Russians.  Just like the colonists did against King George III.

Argue the legality of secession all you want, ultimately people have the sovereign right to determine the course of their own destiny. Ultimately, they can simply just say, “No.”


That they choose to abide by some of the legal fictions created around them by their oppressors is irrelevant.

When push comes to that proverbial shove you always have the right to tell some bully to shove it.

A true civil war is one where two factions fight for control of the existing government.  It inherently assumes the current geographical arrangement is acceptable.

The two factions disagree about the leadership.  And this disagreement in the U.S. is worth trillions to both sides.

Since Donald Trump held his press conference in Helsinki next to Russian President Vladimir Putin the cries of “treason” have been escalating.  With each article written and each cable news segment aired, the position of our leaders in government became clear.

“We decide what the function of this government is, not you.”

All Statist arguments boil down to the State saves the savage rabble from themselves.  Thus forms the ideological core of this conflict between The People and The Government, but really this is about power.

And The People want theirs back.

The intelligence agencies condemn Trump’s performance at Helsinki because they know this was his moment to strike back.  He’d absorbed or deflected most of their outrageous slings and arrows and Helsinki was him pressing his advantage to work for peace with Russia after his initial success with North Korea.

In response the Intelligence Agencies officially declared open war against us and our agent, Donald Trump.

Don’t believe me?

This Reuters piece by CIA mouthpiece Tim Weiner spells it out in the first paragraph.

The foundations of American national security are under assault. The battle lines are drawn. On one side stand the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency. On the other: the commander-in-chief of the United States.

It has that “When in the course of human events…” ring to it, does it not?

Donald Trump’s appalling performance in Helsinki was a subversive act. He rejected the conclusion of American intelligence that his election was aided by a hydra-headed act of political warfare controlled by the Kremlin…

… The display of fealty to Moscow was indelible. 

Translation: “Trump is a traitor to the U.S. ”

… But they [the IC] have the power to strike back. For two years now, high-ranking veterans of American intelligence have sounded the alarm about Trump in the starkest language possible.

Translation:  “We are the Gatekeepers of Truth. The first line of defense who tried to warn you, the savage rabble.”

Weiner then peddles the pure fiction that the Deep State died with Nixon. And Trump’s “fulminating” about this is proof of both his cowardice and his growing insanity,. He does this while extolling the countless virtues of the thoroughly corrupt and partisan Mueller investigation.

Next step is isolation.  Ruth Marcus writing for the CIA-operated WaPo demanded everyone who works for Trump to quit to “save your souls.”

Republicans and Democrats were in full braying mode about how Trump genuflected to a foreign leader. The cable news only stopped long enough to air commercials no one is watching.

Marcus’ piece is pure aigtprop to further paralyze Trump’s ability to function as an executive by his staff virtue signaling their fealty to a government a majority of Americans, right, left or libertarian, believe is simply out of control.

When did it become patriotic to genuflect to the CIA?

The ground is being prepared for a 25th Amendment challenge to Trump’s competency or an impeachment hearing after the mid-term elections.  And with the stakes this high and the country now in a state of civil war, the ballot boxes will be battlegrounds.


Because Trump is winning this war against the Deep State.  For all of his many faults he is winning more Americans to his side of the ledger.  He gathers thousands of troops to rallies across the country while his poll numbers continue to rise, despite the increasingly ineffective barrage of media bombshells thrown his way.

He Tweets rhetorical bombs for the cost of 30 seconds while they spend billions trying to stop him from doing so.

So, the only way to create a “Blue Wave” is to manufacture one.  The incentives are there.  The radicalized poll workers and Supervisors of Elections are in place.  Fully 25% of this country believes these accusations about Trump who believe they are saving themselves from the savage and stupid ‘deplorables’ who elected Trump.

Trump was elected to end the corruption we see around us every day.  That corruption infects both the Democrats and their co-conspirators in the GOP.  Most of America, in one fashion or another, knows there is something terribly wrong in D.C.

And many are still patriotic enough to see what is happening.  Americans love an underdog and Trump is certainly that guy right now.

The response by the unelected gatekeepers of the status quo, the very Deep State that Tim Weiner denies exists, has been to declare open war on them since

the Presser Heard Round the World.

And that is fundamentally un-American.

They are committing the same treason, conspiring with foreign governments to undermine the sitting President, they accuse him of.  This is open insurrection that is only tolerated because Trump is still mostly a captured King in his own palace.

D.C. is a lawless land where power for me and not for thee is the rule.

This is a fight to the death between these two factions seeking control over America’s future.  The Intelligence Agencies are the vanguard forces of the real power threatened by Trump and Putin colluding to end needless aggravation of U.S./Russian relations.

The media are their shock troops.

Both have been exposed like much of the U.S. military’s weaponry in the past few years to be oriented towards fighting the wrong war.

They perfected the last type of information war but for all of their skill the Overton Window has shifted too far, leaving them exposed.

They fear Trump’s near preternatural understanding of the U.S. media cycle complementing Putin’s logistical and diplomatic superiority forming a bulwark which rebuffs all of their attacks.

But, the real fight begins now.  Chuck Schumer warned Trump about going against the CIA.  It was obvious then that Schumer outed himself as compromised.  His fear of exposure was written all over his face.

Today that warning is real and Trump is surrounded by bears, angry at having disturbed its dreams of global control.

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