With everything happening it is hard to keep everything in your head all the time.  Yesterday, reading Pepe Escobar’s latest piece reminded me of a couple of themes I try to hit on regularly.

  1. The U.S. only negotiates when it’s losing
  2. Review the after-effects of major moments as turning points

Vladimir Putin’s speech on March 1st when he announced Russia’s new weapon systems were one such turning point.  The after-effects of their announcement has been an acceleration of Trump’s plans to wind down the U.S. empire around the world.

Trump and his advisors, most likely Secretary of Defense James Mattis, came to the conclusion that all of the U.S.’s forward deployments around the world are vulnerable in a way they weren’t before March 1st.

This is why Trump pushed for a summit with Kim Jong-un.  Remember, Kim has nukes.  Once leverage disappears it’s now time to sue for some form of peace.  The Russians backed this up along with the Chinese while the Koreans pushed the agenda forward.

Next up would be Russia.  And Trump defied the establishment to talk to Putin.  They had to talk.  Trump had to know Putin’s real intentions in developing these weapons and pursuing the policies he did.

It was necessary.

So despite the venal, self-serving screeching from the Deep State, their quislings in the Media and their water-bearers on the Left, Trump talked with Putin to ensure that no ‘accidents’ occur between the two countries that control, as Trump pointed out during the #TreasonSummit, 90% of the world’s nuclear weapons.

And nuclear proliferation is Trump’s animating principle in foreign policy.  He states it often enough.

Amidst all of the histrionics, Trump met with Rand Paul to discuss revoking the security clearance for people who should no longer have one.  John Brennan, James Clapper, Comey, Susan Rice and others.

These people are in open insurrection against the President and it only makes sense they should no longer be able to access information to use against him.  That puts Paul in a very good position to rise in importance in the Senate after the Trump Wing of the GOP makes major gains in November.

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