Theresa May was put in power by the Tories to betray Brexit.  She finally showed her true colors last week agreeing in principle to a Brexit deal with the European Union that was the antithesis of what the British people voted for in 2016.

That May chose the weekend of England qualifying for its first World Cup Semifinal in a generation to come to this deal is the definition of cynical politics.  Never let it be said that politicians can’t suck the joy out literally anything.

The result has been a mass exodus from May’s cabinet over the past 24 hours.  The biggest defection being Foreign Secretary and all-around buffoon Boris Johnson.  That this betrayal of Brexit occurred in tandem with the latest chemical weapons headline-grabber should tell you a few things.

When the Skripal poisoning was the top of the news I wrote a post saying I felt this was being done to undermine the May government, by tying her and Johnson to their accusations of Russia.

Government’s fall when the people lose confidence in them.  May has bungled everything she has touched as Prime Minister, from Brexit talks and her relationship with Donald Trump to her response (or lack thereof) to the escalating level of domestic terrorism and her pathetic campaign during last year’s snap election.

When I confront such obvious ineptitude it’s not hard to believe that wasn’t the plan to begin with.

So, here’s the update to my version of events I laid out a few months ago.  The Skripals are poisoned, May blames the Russians and mass diplomatic expulsions ensue.  Then Porton Downs throws May under the bus, undermining her already peeling veneer of authority.

To stave off a revolt in parliament she goes along with legislature-level betrayals of Brexit, as the House of Lords tries to take over negotiations.  So, to stop the turmoil, she settles for an abortion of a plan which no one is happy with, not even the Remainers.

The knives come out in every direction from Labour to her own cabinet.  At first, losing a few Brexit-appointed cabinet ministers is no big deal, it was expected.

But, Johnson is another story.  And if we get a few more then she could be looking at a no-confidence vote in the coming days.  Zerohedge has a full breakdown of the path to a no-confidence vote on May’s leadership.

Obviously, Johnson is angling to take over for her.  But, he’s damaged goods thanks to Skripal-Gate and his ridiculous Russophobia.

And don’t think this wasn’t the plan all along.  If May’s government falls and the Tories fall into open civil war then there will have to be another round of elections to sort things out at some point.

And do you think in response to destroying the Tories that Labour won’t be voted in?  Who is organized enough to stand tall?  UKIP?  the LibDems? Seriously, Nigel Farage made the biggest political blunder of a generation by not pushing UKIP on after Brexit.

Had he stayed on the job, strengthening UKIP’s infrastructure, they would be ready to accept the Brexiteer Tories and make a real run for the goal.  But, alas.

So, barring something unforeseen, Labour will wind up in charge and Jeremy Corbyn will not survive as leader.  He’s as hated by the British political elite as Farage is. And it spends, through its less-than-tabloid media all of its time when it’s not hounding May hounding him.

The rot in the City of London is old and deeper than the Thames.

If Brexit is going to be saved at this point Brexiteers need to stop pleading with the government to get it done. They need to stop whining about how it’s not getting done and actually step up and do it themselves.

And if that means a good ol’ fashioned revolt on Parliament that’s exactly what should happen.

Frankly, I’m not holding my breath.  In fact, I expect to see Brexit completely compromised to the point of irrelevancy.  And because of that it is setting up the inevitable collapse of the U.K. and the Pound sinking alongside a failing euro.

By tying themselves to an EU on the verge of a sovereign debt crisis ensuring that Europe’s pain is Britain’s pain, the keepers of the political status quo in Parliament will in effect cut off their nose to spite the U.K.’s face.

And the U.K. as we know it won’t last another ten years, possibly five.

May will get zero help from Donald Trump. I expect Trump to twist the knife even further since it’s pretty clear that May’s inability to control the adventurism of her intelligence services have been the source of much of Trump’s domestic political pain.

Yes, folks, British Intelligence is the source of Russia-gate, cooked up by them and the DNC to overthrow Trump, just like they are in the process of overthrowing The Gypsum Lady, Theresa May.

That much should be obvious to anyone with three brain cells to rub together.

In fact, this happening just days before the NATO Summit where I expect Trump to bring NATO’s obsolete mission to the forefront of discussions bodes very well.  Our ‘special relationship’ with the U.K. can easily be reset back to mean that period just after 1781 after all.

And then things get very interesting indeed.

I remind you of what I quoted at the top.  Governments fall because of a lack of confidence.  From there currencies and their sovereign debt falls as well.  Look what’s happening in Europe.  All of the major governments are undergoing serious political upheaval.  Yes Angela Merkel can Theresa May could hold on for another few months, but to what end?

Every attempt by the globalists to maintain their control over Europe only unleashes worse crises later on which they have to fight with ever more obvious and cynical tactics.

Betraying Brexit may be that moment where everyone in England takes Mencken’s advice about hoisting the black flag.

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