Congratulations are in order for Belgium, England, Croatia and France for making it to the semi-finals of this most excellent World Cup of football.  Special props go to Croatia and Russia for playing a quarter-final match which epitomizes everything good about professional team sports while leaving behind all of the drama and politics.

I’m not a huge fan of the sport but every four years I give it the respect it deserves for how it captivates so many humans around the world.

So, it’s doubly frustrating to watch the cynical and, frankly, wicked members of the British political establishment attempt to use the distraction of England’s first semi-final appearance since before the U.K. joined the EU to sign off on a Brexit deal that is worse than staying in the EU itself while engineering another false flag operation to undercut the wave of good will Russia is generating with its exemplary hospitality hosting the tournament.

Whoever says that major sporting events are not geopolitically relevant has blinders on.

Let it not be said that politicians are the lowest form of human scum for it takes a special kind of evil to launch these political operations while the people celebrate humanity’s potential for competition and respect through sport.

I can only hope that the plans to betray Brexit ultimately fail and the Tories are able to hold together and remove the odious Theresa May, who is far from incompetent, from a position of power.

One can only hope, but as I wrote about yesterday, hope is not a plan.  So, Brexiteers stop whinging, sack up and get the job done before your fecklessness destroys what’s left of the U.K.

Black Flags Rise Over May’s Brexit Betrayal

Black Flags Rise Over May’s Brexit Betrayal

Hope is not a Plan in Geopolitics

Hope is not The Plan in Geopolitics

Boris Johnson to become PM of UK?

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