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French President Emmanuel Macron, whose poll numbers are abysmal and needs a sincere shot in the arm, just gave away the plot with his outside voice.  I’ve noticed this trend within The Davos Crowd in recent months, speaking with their outside voice what they only ever talk about internally.

That plot, by the way, is to transfer power over the global money supply to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by eventually doing away with individual central banks.

To that end Macron’s latest proposal is to bailout Africa because COVID by coordinating $100 billion in gold sales of national reserves of the G-7. Who would they sell that gold to? The IMF. That money can then be distributed by the IMF, expanding the supply of SDRs — Special Drawing Rights — using the gold as collateral for the development loans.

He’s talking about $100 billion here.  That’s around 1600 tonnes of gold at current prices.  32150.7 ounces/tonne x $1900 per ounce. $0.06109 billion per tonne.  1610 tonnes of gold.

Now, interestingly, a reader on Twitter put a lot of pieces together with this, saying, in effect that this is the humanitarian cover story for the upcoming liquidation of Italy.

Having spoken with the, an Italian blog with a similar mission, it is well understood within Italian circles that his liquidation of Italy is well underway and Mario Draghi was put in power to effect this.

Italy, officially, has 2450 tonnes of gold, give or take.  Macron can ask them to pony up because they owe at least that much to the ECB and Germany through TARGET2.  Draghi has already made it explicit that there will be no Italeave without paying that debt.  He said this as ECB President. With Christine Lagarde in power that requirement is still there. Now that he’s Prime Minister, Italeave is off the table. Worse, he can effect this transfer once there is political cover for it.

I don’t think this plan has legs just yet, but it is another sign that they have to accelerate their plans because of the rising opposition to the basic framework of Davos’ agenda.  

So, Macron speaking on the eve of the G-7 conference to spill the plot is telling of just how bad his electoral prospects are in France, because he needs to improve his image and this is the best he can come up with? Sell some of France’s gold to the IMF to pay for a new colonization program in Africa?

No wonder he got slapped last week.

That said, since this plan is now out in the open what are the implications:

  1. It gives political cover for stealing Italy’s gold, humanitarian giving from the virtuous first world.
  2. It puts the IMF at the center of the post-COVID bailout strategy, neatly avoiding the EU’s naked aggression against its own members.
  3. It rolls the current western gold reserves into one institution rather than a bunch of disparate ones.
  4. Gives the IMF even more ammunition to combat China and Russia’s rampant accumulation of gold and set it up as the future for a world government enforced by the UN
  5. It tells everyone that Europe is losing ground to China and Russia in Africa for the future of rare earths and lithium necessary to pull off their Green Revolution.
  6. It puts the world on notice that the EU now feels confident of its ability to recolonize the third world because of the primacy of its central unelected authority.
  7. This fits right in with the global minimum corp. tax agreement… because once they all agree on this there will have to be an enforcement agency… that agency will be handed to the UN and collected through the IMF.
  8. It paves the way for national CBDC’s unmoored from gold but backed by a basket of “gold-backed SDR’s” and tax policy.  
  9. It’s also a frontal assault on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies which are gaining traction very quickly in African countries most vulnerable to dollar supply and demand shock, now that Lightning Network has proven to be functional.
  10. It puts paid that the changes to Basel III’s Stable Funding Ratios are there to increase the price of gold, by removing the Fed’s ability to keep it under wraps through the futures markets and unallocated paper gold.

Macron will not be allowed to leave office next year unless something dramatic happens against Davos’ wishes in France, i.e. some form of violent uprising rather than just protests.  There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a number of attempts to prop him up to get him across the finish line, Marine Le Pen will get closer but she won’t be allowed to win.  

They stopped Trump, they’ll stop Le Pen.  It may be the last time they do such a thing and they may burn what political capital and cover they have left in the process, but don’t bet on them NOT DOING IT.   At this point no price is too high to pay.  They’ve garnered this political capital exactly for this reason, they will spend it.

What comes next is what my friend at The Duran, Alex Mercouris, talked about in my recent chat with him. The Biden / Putin summit will be a bribe and a threat from Biden to Putin. Get on board with this new post-COVID European Marshall Plan to recolonize Africa and we’ll pay you a few hundred million dollars or face a new round of massive sanctions.

This is supposed to create the new version of the Sino-Soviet split? The Russians bring in a few hundred million a month from the U.S. now, exporting 1.4 million barrels per day in May. The idea is laughable on its face and further advances my thesis that the U.S. is intentionally destroying relations with Russia and China through diplomatic ‘gaffes’ which preclude any rapprochement.

The goal is ultimately isolation of the U.S. as a world power diplomatically, while doing exactly what Davos wants to ensure they aren’t blamed for what comes next. So, expect a final break with the U.S. by Russia financially in the post-Summit environment.

This will not be a mistake, it will be part of the plan. Because, again, the goal is the political, economic and cultural dissolution of the U.S. and that only occurs by disrupting as much of the infrastructure of U.S. internal energy market as possible.

At the same time I’ve noted that the Fed was completely silent about this new plan of Macron’s while it’s also clear that Fed Chair Jerome Powell is not down with the ECB’s Christine Lagarde’s over-the-top push to coordinate central bank policy to fight climate change.

That public disagreement on the fulcrum issue for Davos was the most important headline from last week. It signals that whatever Davos has planned for the U.S. the Fed and the banking system is not going to go gently into that dark night.

So, there’s another crack in the Davos agenda. Another front in this war is opening up and it’s going to intensify rom here. Powell is not a globalist in the same way that Lagarde, Draghi, Kuroda, Carney and Gordon Brown are. He’s a private equity guy with a far different ethos and understanding of the situation. He represents similar, but not the same, people.

And he’s not going to sell or revalue one ounce of the U.S.’s gold nor give up the commercial banking sector in the U.S. because the word came down from Klaus Schwab.

That said, the central banks know they are done with the current system and need a new one. To survive they will have to disconnect money from value and work. By doing that they disconnect you from your own value in the work you do. It’s that simple. The most efficient way to do that is sell the gold and isolate those powers unwilling to go along with their plans.

And this all ties directly back to Macron’s innocent and innocuous sounding request for the world to come together and help out poor Africa recover post-COVID and sell their country’s only tangible measure of savings left backing their rapidly devaluing currencies, their gold.

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