“What was I supposed to do – call him for
cheating better than me, in front of the others?”
       — Doyle Lonnegan 
“The Sting”

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Bitcoin 2021 in Miami was an eye-opener.  It fully reminded me of what the core mission was for all of us looking for better answers to a failing world.

But with that desire comes the potential for massive disruption. Disruption is the one thing we all strive to minimize.

Bitcoin threatens nearly everyone and because of that all discussions of it are hyper-emotional.

That, however, is just fear talking, taking you away from the core mission of building a better world.   

… because sometimes you do have to tear some things down to rebuild them better.

But on who’s terms?  Yours or the ones who created this mess in the first place.

This is ultimately what bitcoin can fix if allowed.  Or, at least, set the ball rolling such that it can’t be stopped.

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  • What Bitcoin fixes.
  • Why Bitcoin can’t fix stupid
  • How it could start by fixing El Salvador
  • Why supply chains in lumber, meat and labor are creating stagflation in the U.S.
  • Why there are always escape routes from the Hell of other people.

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