by Dexter K. White.

Dimwit Lt. Gov. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, home of totally undisputed elections, asserts that disputing the election isn’t protected speech and equates it with incitement.

Watch the whole thing.

Leave aside that Brandenburg v. Ohio prohibits the government from punishing inflammatory speech unless it incites imminent lawless action and United States v. Alvarez extends First Amendment protection even to false statements.

Notice how Fetterman uses the phrase “protected speech” implying that free speech is some sort of exceptional condition.  As if speech in America isn’t always free or the First Amendment is limited by state officials fee-fees.  This is a conditioning technique, remember Fetterman for deploying it.

It’s like he doesn’t even understand how speech works in America.  I wonder if he knows public figures must endure even higher levels of mockery? 

Does he know that even non-libelous lies are free speech?

I don’t think he knows the difference, so some examples then.

Lt. Gov. John Fetterman fucks goats.

We should hang Lt. Gov. John Fetterman before he fucks any more goats.

You see, there are exceptions in American law for satire and parody, we aren’t subject to extreme British libel law or EU speech codes. 

Look it up, Lt. Gov. Goatfucker!  (parody)

(We care a lot about goat welfare here at Gold, Goats ’n Guns and the above is only speculation, but the issue certainly warrants vigorous public debate.)

This concludes our primer on the First Amendment.