The great gold trader Jim Sinclair used to describe monetary and fiscal policy as MOPE – Management of Perspective Economics.

Central bankers, government officials and media collaborate to create data and policy to generate a pre-determined outcome for their benefit. They are in the ‘reality creation’ business.

And that’s how they maintain some semblance of control over markets. It is a combination mal-educated traders and investment advisers, corporate interests, government corruption actively massaging the data and a media which saturates the airwaves with patent nonsense from ‘experts’ who interpret what everything means for us.

This is the architecture of MOPE.

Unfortunately, each 4 year cycle of lies and money printing invariably ends in a serio-comic repudiation of the whole MOPE strategy as markets spasm and no one can ever tell us why it happened?

They just whitewash idiotic policy decisions, ridicule the trenchant analysis of the critics and move on to the next story.

With headline-scanning high-frequency algorithms they can honestly get away with it far more efficiently than they ever did fifteen years ago.

But it only lasts for so long. Eventually the debt which paid for the MOPE overwhelms the economy and they have to admit the system needs a reboot. We’ve arrived at that moment and they still have to MOPE around denying they have no clue what they’re doing while opposition to their game grows.

That’s not completely true. They know exactly what they are doing. The goal is the systematic destruction of the middle class and all wealth generation outside of their control.

What they can’t do is actually admit it… until it is too late, in their opinion, for us to realistically do anything about i.t

Well does any of this sound any different than our political discourse?

I was reminded over the weekend about how out of control the media truly in shaping the political discourse when we go back to the 2012 Republican primaries and Ron Paul.

Watch the people in that video and you’ll see the same left-wing media like Maddow and John Stewart trying to raise up Paul that have hounded Donald Trump for five years. They didn’t do it because they were truth-tellers.

They did it to hurt the Republicans and set up the next wave of tyrannical control.

The hope then would be the libertarians coming over to Team Obama if they screwed Paul out of the nomination. Republicans would be doomed forever after nominating the stuffed-shirt Romney.

It didn’t work but it did ensure enough libertarians like me writing in Ron Paul in 2012 as opposed to voting for Romney. The main goal was achieved, keep an outsider from gaining any control over the levers of power.

Do you see anything different today in the rush of the media to call this election for Joe Biden?


The power of the media to manage the perspectives of our politics (MOPP) is still there despite everyone hating them for being terrible at their jobs. It is astounding.

But this election fraud is so thorough, it’s so complete that it can’t be hidden, only willfully ignored by the willfully obtuse who just want Trump gone.

From that perspective is it a wonder that the same people who screamed for four years that Trump stole the election through Putin’s god-like intervention rather than face reality would believe that last week’s election was pure as the driven snow?

Of course it isn’t.

That’s the story they have to tell themselves today as they harass Trump’s lawyers, spit on and sucker punch Trump supporters in D.C. and ignore blatant subordination of the Presidency itself by cabinet members like CIA Director Gina Haspel.

The price of their victory is nothing short of their souls, but they haven’t cast a reflection in a mirror in a long time, so why should the start caring about that now?

And that brings me to what the state of play is today.

I find the situation with Haspel incredibly telling. Spooks start civil wars and color revolutions, but militaries always end them.

Haspel refuses to turn over the evidence that would exonerate Gen. Michael Flynn, implicate all the actors, including Barack Obama, in the RussiaGate affair while protecting herself as the bag person for the entire operation including the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine.

They are hoping to run the clock out on Trump and sweep all the corruption under the rug, paving the way for the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset.

Trump has to regain operational tempo this week. He has to take back control of the narrative and get his cases to the only court that will give him anything close to a fair hearing, the Supreme Court.

And the people in his corner — Sydney Powell and Rudy Guiliani — have to bring the goods, the hard evidence of systemic fraud which would cast the entire election into doubt and force the Supreme Court’s hand, as well as that of State Legislatures in the states where the fraud occurred.

At the same time he has to still act like the President. Because if Powell and Guiliani bring that evidence forth he then has to act.

He’s still the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of what people like Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Envoy to Syria Jim Jeffrey believe.

These are all people who have defied a direct order from their boss. Esper has already been fired. His replacement is moving troops out of Syria and staging them to come home from northeastern Iraq.

Jeffrey openly acknowledged he lied to the President about our troop numbers in Syria.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the outgoing US envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, had kept the total number of troops inside the Syrian Arab Republic from Trump.

Jeffrey had described in an interview last week with Defense One that when in December 2018 President Trump ordered a full and immediate Syria withdrawal, he and his team successfully stymied the efforts to get the US military out of Syria.

Here’s what he told Defense One:

“We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there,” Jeffrey said in an interview. The actual number of troops in northeast Syria is “a lot more than” the roughly two hundred troops Trump initially agreed to leave there in 2019. 

Jeffrey’s only saying this now because he believes the game is over and he can be hailed as a hero of the resistance to the Demon Trump. He’s prepping his resume for the Biden gravy train. This is another example of their rubbing our noses in our ‘pitiful rebellion,’ as Emperor Palpatine would put it.

But Trump has to play his cards here very carefully. If he moves too early he’ll lose the men under his direct command.

If he moves too late the tide will wash him out to sea as they stand by fearing a backlash, like Attorney General William Barr and Special Investigator John Durham.

That said, Trump isn’t acting like a man getting ready to leave the White House. Reports are that Trump wants all troops out of Syria and Iraq by January 15th.

Trump has finally cleaned house at the top of the DoD and if these reports are true, then it seems like he still has some pull with his field commanders now that the traitors are out of the way.

Haspel and those assisting her have to tread very carefully here, because if Trump can do what Powell and Guiliani are suggesting he can do — invalidate Biden’s ability to reach 270 electoral votes, which is obviously now the strategy — then she’s this close to having Langley visited by a group of Trump-loyal Marines and the company girl getting the company business.

Is it any wonder that Trump’s team has let slip the information about how much pressure Haspel is under? Sidney Powell wants her fired immediately for the election chaos.

Does anyone think that Trump doesn’t understand how to play with perception and reality in the media space?

If anyone understands MOPP, it’s Trump. Too bad he also believes in MOPE.

Given the pervasiveness of the lying going on right now, I wouldn’t blame you one whit for not believing any of what I just wrote (hell, I barely believe it myself), with the exception of that last bit.

Trump understands media better than the media understands itself. He’s still president because of his preternatural understanding of managing perspectives. It’s how he beat impeachment, RussiaGate, John Bolton’s treason and war-mongering and John McCain’s betrayals.

And while he’s also an inveterate liar his lies are strategic, to seed ideas. He dog whistles like no one else alive and his opponents would do well to respect that, lest they find themselves on the wrong side of an arrest warrant.

There is a certain air of desperation occurring right now that shouldn’t be in the offing. Why would the Trotskyites at the Lincoln Project be doxxing Trump’s lawyers to pressure them off election lawsuits?

Why would the Secretary of State in Pennsylvania have her law firm threaten another group of lawyers working for Trump with death threats if the election in Pennsylvania was honest?

Regardless of the craziness that is sure to come the future of the U.S. as a sovereign nation nominally ruled by laws hangs in the balance. On one side is the group that built the empire of lies, using MOPP and MOPE to play everyone for dopes.

On the other is a small group of well-placed, if flawed, patriots who are offering up the opportunity for the people to take back control of their government. Their big ask is for them to reject a future where their choice will be constant humiliation and surrender or death.

That’s what the commies at the World Economic Forum will put in front of us early in 2021.

That’s why when the stakes get this big, the only response is to reject the media completely, stop MOPEing around and MOPP the floor with these people.

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