“I did it!”
—  Ozymandias, “Watchmen”

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The election has come, but it most certainly has not gone.

The Davos Crowd is stealing the election in the U.S. because it has to.

The Great Reset cannot happen without the U.S.

Trump knows this.  He’s trying to fight a battle no on in power wants him to win… and even if he does win The Damage Has Already Been Done.  

The U.S. is headed towards violence and chaos.  The world is set to become East Germany.

The brazenness of the steal ensures no one will accept the outcome.

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  • Why some wounds will never heal with time.
  • How we are all Yugoslavians now
  • What we can expect from Bitcoin’s new bull market
  • What cryptocurrencies can do to protect us from creeping Communism
  • How the Sleeping Majority has been awakened into something dangerous

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