President Trump won re-election this weekend with his four executive orders.

We haven’t even reached the DNC convention in Milwaukee and it looks to me like this election season is over.

I know the polls keep trying to convince me that Joe Biden, most likely suffering from dementia, is leading President Trump but I just don’t buy it.

And neither do the Democrats.

Because if they did they wouldn’t be so desperate to push through unlimited mail-in voting as their political hill to die on.

And die on it they have.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi held up a new round of stimulus legislation over this issue. The massive gap between the GOP and DNC proposals highlight only part of the political divide between the two sides (see graphic, H/T Zerohedge).

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The real divide was in enshrining in law the kind of mail-in voting which would ensure near unlimited cheating and ballot harvesting which would give the Democrats their best chance at “winning the election.”

Pelosi thought she had Trump cornered on this because he had to cave to spend that $1.7 trillion he’s already collected through treasury auctions which prove the Big Lie that the dollar is about to die false.

But all he had to do was make payroll tax irrelevant for a majority of taxpayers in this country.

Go over those Executive Orders he signed. And each one attacks a core position the Democrats carve out for themselves in the public discourse.

  1. Defer Payroll Tax Collection — Here Trump is doing at least two things. First, he’s a Republican lowering taxes on the poor and middle class. Second, he lowers the cost of U.S. labor, cuts away red tape and makes it easier for businesses in a cash flow crunch to stay open not having to worry about paying monthly/quarterly tax payments. This attacks a core Democrat talking point, “Republicans don’t care about the little guy, we do!”
  2. Extend Student Loan deferments – This is one step closer to debt jubilee on debt that, again, freezes people in place, dealing with debt servicing rather than creating demand in the real economy for goods and services. This also attacks the banks who made these predatory loans, which most student loan debt is, which undermines the “Occupy Wall. St.” talking point that all the money goes to the banks.
  3. Extend Renter and Mortgage Eviction Moratorium – Again Trump hits the banks where they live by stopping the eviction of people whose income the Federal and State governments destroyed with their COVID-19 lockdown orders. This is a direct attack on the DNC’s plan to see the banks throwing millions of people out of their homes during the height of the election campaign. Restates the argument that the GOP is only for the rich vulture capitalists.
  4. Lower and extend Unemployment Assistance — Trump’s no dummy. At this point the budget deficit is ludicrous. Lowering the assistance through the election season, again, says he’s helping and they are obstructing. It’s not perfect, but it extends the fiscal cliff people are facing until after the election allowing him to make more sweeping changes to the tax code while keeping people in their homes, fed and capable of maintaining some semblance of normality. Trump claims the ‘I care about you’ moral high ground.

The only thing the Democrats could do in response was fulminate about funding Social Security. But that’s an irrelevant argument to anyone other than Boomers who aren’t paying into the system anyway.

Their checks are coming and will continue to come.

High unemployment only makes Social Security’s future less secure. The people out of work aren’t contributing to Social Security now anyway. If you want to get the economy back on its feet you have to let the money circulate.

Removing the deduction from people’s paychecks highlights for the poorest working people in this country just how much of a burden that 15% actually is on their ability to build wealth or even maintain a home.

I never thought I’d see the day where an American President called the social engineers’ bluff about enforced retirement savings. Social Security is a pay-as-you-go death tax for so many people and a blatant wealth transfer system from younger generations to older ones.

This depression will kill off a lot of people, including those Social Security recipients Andrew Cuomo effectively murdered in New York, before they collect on it.

When coupled with inflationary fiat funny money it is an egregiously (and ingeniously) abusive system which ensures the lower and middle classes never get off the hamster wheel no less get out of the cage it’s in.

And it needs to end, at least in its current form.

Between and abortion they’ve been the two biggest shibboleths in American politics for the past fifty years. Only one of them is relevant this time around because Trump just made it one.

Trump threatened during the press conference to make the payroll tax exemption permanent if re-elected as well as revamp the capital gains tax. He understands, better than anyone, how difficult it is to build wealth while paying off debt.

Social Security, in its purest form, is a 12.4% interest payment on your labor before you even begin working. It’s a bureaucratic nightmare and robs people of the choice as to how to deploy their capital at the earliest stages of their careers.

Enforced savings for the future for people without a present is not just moronic, it’s counter-productive.

It’s not disciplined, it’s truly abusive.

And once people see how much easier their lives are without carrying that burden before they make their first dollar, the more they will reject all of this social engineering on which the Democrats have based their entire political persona.

This is the first step towards sunsetting the biggest unfunded liability in the U.S. today. End the fiction that people like me will ever collect Social Security. Begin the hard political fight to face the reality of its insolvency and use the manufactured COVID-19 crisis to get that done.

Local governments are out there today telling you to live in fear of a virus and that they can’t protect your home from rioters and looters.

The cops are overwhelmed and, worse, should be disbanded.

And these are the same people who are also telling you that if you give them power over the Federal Government they will take away all those guns you just bought to protect yourself.

They are also the ones saying they can best safeguard your retirement by extracting one-eighth of your earnings before you ever show up to work for the first time.

Morover, next week they’ll tell you something different because Trump took away another one of their talking points.

With these executive orders, regardless of their legality at this point, Trump is single-handedly changing the entire narrative on which the federal government is premised.

Between now and the election the next narrative to fall will be the idea DNC is running a campaign for any other reason than for its leadership to stay out of jail for treason.

But that narrative only sticks after Trump has made sure things don’t get worse for those already abused by them.

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