The longer this shut down of the world economy goes on the more the generational divide will manifest itself between the declining, didactic and condescending Baby Boomers and their hard-bitten kids from Gen X.

The power grabs, the money printing, the push for global government is all part of the desperation of a failing Utopian fantasy which the Boomers cling to like moss to a cliff while society itself hangs in the balance.

This week I discuss why this is and where we’re headed and what we can expect to see once we all emerge from our homes to see the world they’ve wrought.

Show Notes:

My Chat with Alex Mercouris on Europe and the U.S. post COVID-19
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Will We Allow the Coronapocalypse to Bailout the Failures of Socialism
Who’s Next to Fail in the Post-Covid-19 World
The Monetary Abyss Stares Back and Asks “Who’s Next?”

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