As the world goes into lock down over the threat of COVID-19 coronavirus I take a few minutes to remind everyone that it is the government response to this destruction of the private sector economy is the real threat to not only our liberty but our health as a people, a society and a culture.

The latest siren’s call will be for MMT or Modern Monetary Theory which is just Greenbacks Revisited and was the precursor to what is failing now before our eyes, the General Theory of John Manyard Keynes.

Gary North warned us a financial crisis ago to beware monetary cranks. Today they multiply like bacteria in petri dishes full of sugar. Because everyone wants theirs before the corpse of the old world is fully looted.

Also, Mike “Mish” Shedlock and I sit down for a 40 minute talk about what we can do practically from an Austro-libertarian perspective to mitigate some of the worst of what’s coming knowing that the governments will do something we’d prefer they did some of the things we advocate for here rather than the full-on lunacy of MMT and the nascent Green New Deal and fascist take over of the global economy.

Monetary history and theory are important and the narrative is coming at us fast.

Show Notes

Mike’s blog Mish Talk
Nothing is Working Now: What’s Next for America?
Dr. Gary North’s Historic Takedown of Ellen Brown and Greenbackers
Matthew Ehret’s MMT Shuck and Jive

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