Last week George Soros rose from his casket to give an interview with, of course, The New York Times to pronounce that we’ve reached peak populism.

Anne Rice would have been proud of the whitewash.

The anomalies of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election were about to be reversed by the force of his beloved open society.

But is that the case?

If so why can’t Brexit be betrayed once and for all?

Why can’t Trump be removed from office for all of his crimes against decency?

Why can’t Open Society Foundation operate in places like Hungary, Turkey and Russia?

Why are populist, anti-immigration parties like Alternative for Germany (AfD) surging, frustrating Soros’ ideal centrist coalitions that have ruled post-war Europe (and nearly destroyed it) for the past seventy years?

Why are the Gilet Jaunes, nearly a year-old, continuing to protest hand-picked neoliberal flunkie Emmanuel Macron?

Why is Syria being returned to control under Assad?

Why am I long guillotines?

Nearly a year ago I published a piece called, “Have We Reached Peak Soros?” in which I outline the hurdles that Soros and his co-conspirators in The Davos Crowd face over the next two generations.

Decentralization and the ability of people to communicate in real time are changing the face of human society, not always for the better if Twitter is any example. In that essay I outline why Soros has been so focused on getting back control of The Wire to control what we think and who we express those thoughts towards.

Because of these things…

Everywhere where opposition to globalists is hardening Soros is pulling up his tents and running away.

Bullies are weak. Soros hides behind the venal and the vane. He’s never built anything of value, only won a rigged version of a zero-sum game, i.e. currency trading.

He’s not an entrepreneur, he’s a vampire. And vampire’s don’t build things, they destroy things other people love while being unloved themselves…

But most importantly, fewer and fewer people are falling for the Hobson’s Choice I described earlier that Soros gins up to move the political ball in his direction.

Now, instead, he is resorting to openly backing voter fraud in Broward County and Georgia. He’s paying protesters to harass Senators over a Supreme Court nominee and organizing a violent storming of the U.S. southern border which is quickly becoming a political albatross around the Democrats’ neck.

Lies are expensive. That’s why men like Soros need so much money.

While Soros believes The Davos Crowd will have the last laugh in all of these major political battles, because they’ve rigged the rules and tilted the table, the reality is that they cannot get past the growth of dissatisfaction with their policies.

And that growing dissatisfaction means it gets more expensive to buy the people off. Did you ever wonder why a third-world economy like Saudi Arabia needs $80+ per barrel oil?

Social spending.

Soros himself is emblematic of the problem with our unsustainable society. Corrupt money begets a corrupt society. The cries of anguish and the rise of anti-capitalist leftism are a reflection of that corruption.

He may be right that there is a critical mass of opposition to Wall St. and its bottomless pit of vice but, let’s get serious here, do you really think Soros isn’t part of that and he won’t be caught up in the backlash from the chaos he’s unleashed?

What’s scary for men like Soros are people who see through the false divides — Remain v. Leave, Conservative v. Liberal, “Capitalism” v. “Socialism,” Wall. St. v. Main St.

What’s scary are the folks who reach across these false ideological divides and do root cause analysis, exposing the real fault lines in society.

Individualism vs. Globalism.

Soros, in his interview, proclaims Chinese Premier Xi Jinping as the new bogeyman. He’s anti Xi, not anti-China. Xi stands athwart Western globalists like Soros, like Vladimir Putin, Nigel Farage and Viktor Orban. This doesn’t make these men heroes per se, but it does put them on the right side of the struggle at this point in time.

Because the Open Society Soros advocates for is neither Open because opposition to it needs to be ‘bent towards the right direction’ nor a society because it means the dissolution of culture, race, history and biology.

Soros has made billions through this corrupt system of corrupt money to extract your time and blood as unearned wealth which is then served back to you as a cold, bile-filled cocktail of cultural Marxism and its unquenchable envy.

He is looking at the events of today thinking that every little victory his billions buy him — a Brexit extension here, a rigged local election there — are signs that he’s still winning.

When the reality is far different. Iran ended trillions in U.S. foreign policy spending with a couple of $50,000 drones. Nigel Farage spent a few thousand pounds organizing the Brexit Party and has created a nightmare for the U.K. and EU which could destroy both of them.

Donald Trump uses 30 seconds of his day to tweet something inconvenient and the media, which Soros influences, loses days of programming trying to undo it.

Lies are expensive. The truth sells itself.

From here every victory costs more and more to earn. They are tightening the fiscal noose around the necks of those who promised Nirvana and have delivered Hell.

The real fatigue in the West today is having to listen to these tired, shameless specters shout at us while we drag them kicking and screaming into the light to burn.

I guess it’s fitting George is Hungarian.

Peak populism? Don’t make me laugh.

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