Have We Reached Peak Soros?

George Soros is losing.  He still thinks he’s winning.  But, in reality, he’s losing.

All around you, if you look closely enough, you will see the spectre of George Soros lurking behind the headlines.  The caravan, net neutrality, regulating Facebook, the de-platforming of independent media, color revolutions and election meddling, refugee creation and manipulation, the trolls on Twitter, your blog and YouTube, etc.

All of these things we see in the headlines today are a product of George Soros’ money and his singular obsession with re-creating the world in his image.

Soros himself is a product of the times.  A multi-billionaire who could only exist in an era of unprecedented corruption of the basic foundations of society.  An age where the dangerous mix of Marxist ideology governs the somewhat unfettered free flow of capital has resulted in the mother of all bubbles in making money on money.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Time

A primary thesis of this blog is that corrupt money begets a corrupt society.  Corrupting the prices we pay for the things we buy dissociates us from their true cost of ownership  and the opportunity costs of making different choices.

It has given rise to a seemingly all-powerful class of money-changers who manipulate policy to arrogate unearned wealth to themselves, known as rent, and then use that new wealth to fund their next scheme to fleece people of their time.

Because the aphorism is true, time truly is money.  Time is the only true scarce natural resource.  Everything else is, ultimately, recyclable, just ask Einstein.

And men like Soros understand that filling your time with distractions keeps you poorer than you would be otherwise.  This is the main mechanism by which they steal your wealth.

The process of political and ideological radicalization that his NGO’s excel in are part of this scheme.  Get the people outraged over irrelevancies, emotionally charge them up and then set them against each other until the political system breaks.

Even when it fails ultimately, like in Armenia, it succeeds in wasting a year of millions of people’s lives.  Time lost to the machinations of a madman.

How much time to we as Americans spend worrying about the issues du jour concocted by Soros and his cohort Tom Steyer?  And the sad truth is that we need to worry about these issues, even though the costs are high.


Because Soros’ goal is the destruction of the United States and what it stands for.  He is chaos incarnate continually using his money to stoke conflict which ends in a Hobson’s Choice for us, damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

The Face of Hobson’s Choice

That choice today is one between a Facebook and Silicon Valley that has way too much power over governing our speech, hiding behind broadly-worded EULA’s or accepting regulation of them for abusing their power.

Think about how egregious the treatment of conservatives and alternative press is at the moment.  It’s completely one-sided.  Now ask yourself the obvious question.


Why would they do this knowing it will result in people getting angry and calling for something to be done?

Because, lightbulb, that was the plan all along.

Notice how today Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are being set up to be the fall guys for this situation.  If you can’t see at this point the man behind the curtain pulling the strings on this to achieve this very goal then you aren’t woke or red-pilled.  You are part of the problem.

You are just another of George Soros’ useful idiots.

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic are lining up now to make Zuckerberg into the villain for not answering the their concerns over Facebook’s data handling.

Zuckerberg is the patsy.

And Soros will get what he wants: compliant, paid-for, bureaucrats and politicians ramming through legislation that gives them oversight into social media platforms to regulate not only their behavior but yours.

Game. Set. Match.

If that’s the case then why do I think we’ve reached Peak Soros?

Lies Are Expensive

Because none of this is working anymore.  Look around you.  Just this week, out of nowhere, Soros’ Open Society Foundation packed its bags and left Turkey after its founder was arrested for fomenting dissent.

Last month OSF and his Central European University pissed off out of Hungary where Viktor Orban put his foot down against Soros’ malign influence on Hungarian culture.

The Russians threw him out years ago and there’s an arrest warrant out for him there.

He fought these latter two countries for years before finally leaving.

And OSF pulls out in a day?

Reason?  They are guilty and Soros is losing his cover.  Everywhere where opposition to globalists is hardening Soros is pulling up his tents and running away.

Bullies are weak.  Soros hides behind the venal and the vane.  He’s never built anything of value, only won a rigged version of a zero-sum game, i.e. currency trading.

He’s not an entrepreneur, he’s a vampire.  And vampires don’t build things, they destroy things other people love while being unloved themselves.

The overthrow of the government in Armenia didn’t go as planned either, as Nikol Pashinyan failed to form a government even after he gave lip service to remaining a friend to Russia. No one bought that line and Pashinyan’s people’s revolt has left a a vacuum in its wake, but one that won’t be filled with a Eurocratic stooge under Soros and NATO’s control.

But most importantly, fewer and fewer people are falling for the Hobson’s Choice I described earlier that Soros gins up to move the political ball in his direction.

Now, instead, he is resorting to openly backing voter fraud in Broward County and Georgia.  He’s paying protesters to harass Senators over a Supreme Court nominee and organizing a violent storming of the U.S. southern border which is quickly becoming a political albatross around the Democrats’ neck.

Lies are expensive.  That’s why men like Soros need so much money.

It’s why they continue to also manipulate markets, sow discord and volatility at the same time that they push open conflicts which rightly scare rational people half to death — like Ukraine’s ham-fisted attempt to draw Russia into a shooting war in the Kerch Strait.

Their lies are being debunked in real time.  I’ve said before.  These men may be the smartest men in the room but the are not smarter than the room itself.  From here on out for George Soros and his ilk in The Davos Crowd victories will get more expensive and losses harder to overcome.

This is why control over the flow of information, control of The Wire, as I talked about recently is so very important.  It’s why decentralized platforms are so important and why personal connections we make here in the cyber-world need to be anti-fragile.

It’s also why we’ve reached Peak Soros.

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30 thoughts on “Have We Reached Peak Soros?

  1. I should like to suggest that the fresh new Ukraine / Russia dust up is a likely obvious USA generated “Charlie Foxtrot” by the USA installed, useful idiots with pay, left over from the old Nuland / Obama regime change.
    NOBODY in their right mind would create a conflict with Russian forces there. Certified insanity.

    • Ursel, I have an article into editorial for Strategic Culture dealing directly with this issue. I agree with you this was a false flag provocation.

  2. From Canada
    I have heard rumours that our Monsieur Pretty Face Premiere Ministre de Canada, and George Himself are pals.
    Anyone have anything on this ???
    Certainly not to be a surprise. Both have the same goals. Revolution.

  3. Net neutrality has not the same troubles and intertwined policies in the US as in Europe. Small European countries have advocates across any spectra for it, because small countries have mostly one or two real ISPs and if they can limit the flow of information and only allow youtube/netflix/”next-big-one”, the Silicon Valley mindset is set in stone. If they have to treat all services the same, any non-atlantic/foreign/domestic competition can… compete.

    But this here is so center bulls eye:
    “And men like Soros understand that filling your time with distractions keeps you poorer than you would be otherwise. This is the main mechanism by which they steal your wealth.”

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  15. Soros won’t run out of money as he is just the visible face of a much larger organisation. Soros made billions in the 1980s with the blessing of the CIA,read/watch F William Engdahl for details. Those operations have now passed to NGOs who operate with billions taken from taxpayers so the money won’t run out. Look up the activities of The National Endowment for Democracy, US taxpayer funded but there are European equivalents. Everyone has heard of Soros but The NED passes under the radar. Its the people controlling these NGOs calling the shots and Soros is just one of them.

    • I understand the sums we’re talking about here. But I also know that this system is unsustainable. And as the system that made Soros et.al. collapses they will lose most of their ‘wealth.’ What leverage giveth on the way up takes away twice as fast on the way down.

      They are spending hundreds of millions on projects which have failed. It’s hard to see, but in every economic reset it’s the wealthiest that lose the most.

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  17. We reached Peak Soros, to use your terminology, a few years ago.

    Soros the man is 88 years old. Having vast wealth won’t mitigate the effects of old age. He’s been a Brand/Figurehead for a while. Last year he was forced to formalize it by transferring $18B into his foundation. Since then, and increasingly so, comments from “Soros” are implicitly and even explicitly made by others.

    Soros, who maintained an ideological objection to being identified as a Jew throughout his life, is now presented as King of the Jews — with each and every Jew libel for him and his political activism. He would never have sanctioned this if he were still compos mentis.

    His foundation(s) have vast wealth. The struggle for control of it is awaiting his death. His son seems like an idiot — eventually he’ll be chased off, like taking candy from a baby.

    I don’t distinguish between Soros and Zuckerberg as thoroughly as you do. The place to begin is that both are members of the Oligarch Class. Since Trump won in 2016, I’ve expected them to be slapped down. That election convinced a number of them that they could and should move from being the checkbook to Politician/Heavyweight themselves. Zuckerberg made his presidential ambitions crystal clear, even doing an Iowa tour. Democrats don’t like that. Rich people are supposed to be the money bucket, and supposed to keep a smile on their faces that they get to keep most of their vast wealth.

    This is only one aspect of the perfect storm Zuckerberg/FB is facing, and would have even without his dreams of becoming emperor. Over the weekend I read a story about an ATM in Houston attracting a mob after it malfunctioned — spitting out $100 bills instead of $20s. Same deal with FB on an unimaginable scale. FB/Zuckerberg have too much wealth, and have let too many Deep State/Administrative State characters in, for it and him not to be subjected to exactly what the Google guys were when they were forced to turn running their company over to Schmitt. That’s the end game for Zuckerberg — figurehead billionaire.

    Steyer strikes me as none too bright. He may be the one who is made an example of — something I believe is inevitable. You state that “lies are expensive.” Indeed they are. But, more importantly for the Oligarch Class, being in the arena now constitutes catastrophic risk, even for US-based billionaires.

    That’s the lesson they should have learned from Trump. He’s the exception that proves the rule (at least so far). I think the sharper among this class globally have figured out that in their desperation to destroy Trump they’ve created a monster that could well get them.

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  22. Just curious: Why would Soros want to destroy the USA? I quote”Because Soros’ goal is the destruction of the United States and what it stands for. ” Only in the US could he get that rich.

    • Because it doesn’t comport with his ideology. He wants our relative political ‘freedom’ destroyed so that an EU-like bureaucracy is established. Ending the U.S. as we know it isn’t the same as ending the U.S.

  23. Right.Soros always says he wants ‘an open society’ not restrained by state power and burocracies. My curiosity remains: where did you find Soros saying/impying he wants a ‘EU-like burocracy’ ? Moreover: I live in Holland and France and I can tell you the impact of EU burocracy is quite different between them.

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  25. “The caravan, net neutrality, regulating Facebook, the de-platforming of independent media, color revolutions and election meddling, refugee creation and manipulation, the trolls on Twitter, your blog and YouTube, etc.”
    One must be completely desilusional (not to say stupid) believeing that ONE man can influence and pull the strings on all these topics. It is funny how autocrats from the US to Hungary to Russia all find one man alone to be blamed for all the misfortunes that happen to their countries.
    that alone shows that whoever could actually opose these bullies would be a worthy man.
    the funny part is that they will be the ones bearing the heaviest grief when this old man dies cos they will be running out of boogie man.
    the same applies for “analists” who could very well write cartoons strips instead of touching “goepolitical” topics

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