Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Trump/Putin Summit and the Cries of Treason

Some things in life are wholly predictable.

The sun coming up.

Your cat wanting back in the house five minutes after you put him out.

The pre-planned outrage by the media, Democrats and the Deep State after Donald Trump does literally anything.

So, color me shocked (SHOCKED, I SAY!) to see #TreasonSummit gone crazy yesterday during the post-summit press conference starring the Two Most Hated Men on the Planet — Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

We have jumped the proverbial shark in our embrace of ab-reacting to outrage porn. It itself has become its own social media meme.

The left has to assuage its denial that most people don’t see the world the way they do by creating the bogeyman of Vlad the Puppet Master and the Vast Red-Wing Conspiracy.

This isn’t political action, it’s a psychotic break writ large and willfully placed on public display.

To this I can only say, “Great!” It will shift the Overton Window so far away from them that the #BlueWave will be a Red Tide.

In the immortal words of Yoda.


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