I spent a few minutes chatting with Lee Stranahan (@stranahan) and Garland Nixon (@garlandnixon) on their radio show, Fault Lines on Sputnik Radio this morning.

We went over the importance of Gazprom and its centrality to so many geopolitical hotspots around the world today.  Gazprom is a company with the highest political risk of any stock in the world today and yet it continues to perform admirably amidst the sturm and drang.

In reality because of Vladimir Putin’s smart and effective leadership, Gazprom is in an excellent position to not only survive any and all attacks on its future expansions, namely the Nordstream 2 pipeline, but thrive from countering the insane amounts of political capital the U.S. is expending to stop its European expansion.

As the political risks over Nordstream 2 fade, so will the pressure on the stock price.

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You can watch the interview below on Periscope.  Be sure to follow me (@tomluongo) there as well.  You can catch the simulcast on YouTube Mondays at 8pm and Fridays at 9pm.  No Nazis allowed.


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