Issues like the Baker vs. the Gay Couple are designed to distract from the core problem and focus on the emotional one used by Progressives to advance a tyrannical agenda.  Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, while well-intentioned, is fundamentally wrong.  It infringes on the rights of property owners to decide who is and who is not their customer.

I have little patience for people as individuals who discriminate on the basis of color, sex or religion, lest that religion be Veganism, but that doesn’t mean I have the right to force them to not discriminate.  They do, and should bear all of the consequences of those decisions.

In the case of the baker it is his right to turn down work for any reason.  It does not matter what that reason is.  And Colorado passing a law which curtails that right is, by definition, tyrannical and antithetical to the kind of civil society the law’s supporters want to have.

That the SCOTUS had to intervene here on First Amendment grounds is actually a travesty because Colorado’s Supreme Court should have struck down the law and the plaintiffs.  Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and with Obama appointees all through the Federal courts it was inevitable that SCOTUS get involved.

This same kind of tyranny is playing out in the EU. The European Court of Justice is nothing more than a rubber-stamp generator for whatever lunacy comes from the undemocratic leadership of the European Commission and the various Ministries.

So are the arbitration courts of Europe, so infected with envy and ‘social justice’ that the Swedish court awarded Ukraine’s Naftogaz billions not because they were in the right, but because they are poor and Gazprom is rich.

The more the leadership in Brussels acts like insulated and unconcerned tyrants of old the closer we get to the “Let them eat cake” moment which will be the end of the European Project.

Frankly, that moment can’t come quick enough.

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