The Coup is Complete – Trump is Done

If there is one thing the last 48 hours have proved to me, it’s this.  Donald Trump is no longer acting President.  The coup against Trump has been completed.

I’m going to keep this simple.  Follow the dots and try to keep up.

  1. The Deep State’s lies are being unraveled in real time thanks to the collective intelligence of the ‘internet’ and our ability to synthesize data in real time.
  2. The Skripal poisoning and the latest Syrian “chemical weapons” attack share the same thing — both set government officials off rushing to judgment and action before any official investigation could debunk them.
  3. Trump has pissed off everyone in power on both sides of the Atlantic since coming into power.
  4. He has been a material threat to powerful members of the Deep State/Shadow Government who have unmasked themselves as criminals to avoid losing power.
  5. Trump needs to be neutralized.  And up to this point he hasn’t been, c.f. his tax cuts, deregulation, Executive Orders against Obamacare, TPP, TTIP.
    1. He’s attacking the current managed trade schema of Wall St. and the City of London via trade war rhetoric with China and the EU.
    2. Russia collusion narrative has failed completely.  Mueller’s investigation has now ‘jumped the shark.’
  6. Things were falling into place for Trump, Jinping and Putin for a wider peace framework from North Korea to the Middle East.  This does not serve the entrenched powers in D.C., New York, City of London, Riyadh and Beirut.
  7. The operation to destroy Syria is at least a 20 year old idea.  It will not be derailed.   It goes back to overthrowing Assad’s father.
    1. John Bolton is one of the architects of this mess.
  8. Trump’s tweets right after the latest announced attack rang false.  The word choice was all wrong.  Tone right.  Words wrong.
  9. This morning’s tweets.  The same way.  “Gas killing Animal?”  Who’s writing his material now?  A third-grader?
  10. These tweets will be used as ‘evidence’ against Trump in his upcoming either resignation or removal from office.
  11. They have to in order to countermand his historical public record against intervention in Syria as well as his publicly-stated intentions to pull out of Syria ‘real soon.’
  12. Trump would not telegraph his military posturing like this, c.f. Al-Shairat, MOAB.  He’s made that point abundantly clear.
  13. These tweets and past events will make a case for him not being fit for office.
  14. After the U.S. and the coalition Obama and David Cameron could not put together in 2013 commits serious war crimes in Syria and the reality in Douma is revealed, i.e. no chemical weapons were even used, Trump will be blamed for rushing to judgment.
  15. He is Commander-in-Chief.  His military handlers will turn on him in a heartbeat and all of this will be used as ‘proof’ of his insanity.
  16. The headlines are preparing us for this.  The GOP is split on him at this point, some openly wishing for him to fail.
  17. At the announcement of response in Syria Trump looked defeated.  He doesn’t look like himself.   He’s done.
  18. The reality is that he’s not making these decisions.  These decisions were made for him and, like every other President, he’s trapped having to sell it.
  19. If he resists, his family dies.  His businesses destroyed.  Or he can go along, do what he can and after four years leave the office in disgrace.
  20. And he will be blamed for it all.

I told you months ago, when you make a deal with the devil, in this case the Neoconservatives, you do so at your own peril.  When Trump reversed course on Afghanistan the fix was in then.  He would be allowed, like all presidents, to play around at the edges of domestic policy, but the foreign policy train will not be derailed.

That’s what fuels the Empire.  That’s the game.  And the events of the past four days tell you what’s what.

It’s like a nightmare rose up slouching towards Bethlehem
Like a nightmare rose up from this small strip of land
Slouching towards Bethlehem


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79 thoughts on “The Coup is Complete – Trump is Done

  1. Excellent analysis, Mr. Luongo. You make a compelling case. Then I listen to this . . .


    Corsi seems adamant that, behind the scenes, all is well.

    I desperately want to believe Corsi, but I fear your case is stronger.

    • Agree, since all presidents have handlers controlling the deep state, no need to bother ever voting again for anyone incl. local and state. If Trump cannot stand up against the deep state guys, then this country is gone for good. Prepping will help but not for the long term when this coyuntry collapses.
      folks get house in order and priorities straight. Sell or give away useless stuff and sell house if in cities and rent until things collapse then move out of cities. If banks close there will be pandamonium and violence. Not a time to buy stocks, start a family or waste time with stupid people in your life, Drop them now, and stay low key and tell no one what you plan. Try to be “invisible” and cg phone number like we did. Stay off social media which is useless, they trac everyone. Get survival gear and clothes, shoes that will last. Quit any gov. controlled 501c3 church, as they have FEMA clergy response teams and gov. spying, and home church with family, friends off gov. radar.

    • The only problem that I see is that all this is nothing but a wish list. DJT has not conquered the Deep State, instead the DS has conquered him. This can be clearly seen by the recent false flag and bombing of Syria.
      There was no chemical attack in Syria, this is why they bombed the area BEFORE the investigators got there.


      • Reginald. I approved your initial comments in the interest of communication. But, I’m going to ask you to keep it civil and to STOP SHOUTING.

        Otherwise I will revoke that privilege.

  2. Paradox is a principle in this corner of the universe: Trump gets owned while Putin, the moderate, is rumored to be sending Medvedev, the current Russian prime minister, and his entourage of Atlanticists into retirement, while he, Putin, gathers together the ¨war cabinet¨ that will conduct kinetic diplomacy with the empire.

    Maybe Mad Dog Mattis will chew on his leash like Saakasvilli chewed on his tie ( Putin, after all, is a reasonable man:

    On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 8:15 AM, Gold Goats ‘n Guns wrote:

    > Tom Luongo posted: “If there is one thing the last 48 hours have proved to > me, it’s this. Donald Trump is no longer acting President. The coup > against Trump has been completed. I’m going to keep this simple. Follow > the dots and try to keep up. The Deep State’s lies are” >

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  9. This is exactly correct. Something profound changed in the last few days. When he announced he was pulling out of Syria, everything changed.

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  19. Sadly, I think you’re right. Not because I’m totally in love with Trump. I’m not, even though I voted for him. But he seems to have been the last good hope for a new type of citizen-president who would act on the people’s business, not that of the corporate interests.

    At this point, it’s looking like he’s in great danger of being impeached. And even if he isn’t he’s now entirely hamstrung. Invading Syria will be the absolute last nail in the coffin, both for Trump and probably for America and the world as we know it. After all, Russia stands on the other side. And it’s very easy, too easy, to imagine things escalating to a point that it shouldn’t. And then, Ka Boom!!!

    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where we are in near despair over the state of the world today.

    • Kim, Agree! we may be over as a country soon. Knowing the deep state is controlling every president, many quit voting decades ago. Redding, a beautiful area, was there in the ’60’s N. Cal. so much to see and do outdoors. Mt Shasta area, stayed in Eureka. Wish I could go back, on east coast now.

      • Hola Laura Ann!
        This Syria thing really worries me. Did you see that Ron Paul just put out a video detailing his belief that Assad had nothing to do with the chemical attack? If nothing else, attacking Syria for such a thing while completely ignoring the suffering in Yemen is nothing short of total hypocrisy.
        As for Redding, I’m here with my mother, but normally live in Boston. Cheers!

      • the russians are now confirming what I said in my YT live the other day… the Brits were behind this.
        Just like Skripal.

        See my latest blog post.

      • I’ll have to take a look. From what I’ve read so far, the Russians are claiming inarguable proof, but as of yet haven’t said what that proof might be. Let’s hope there’s some real debate about whatever they say, rather than just some wave-off of so-called “Russian propaganda.”

        Life in the USA is increasingly reminding me of the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland who believes in believing six impossible things before breakfast every day.

        Only here you’re required to believe about a dozen impossible things every day.

  20. Unlike Bob P .. you will find that your analysis is not so excellent – indeed it sucks. You have no idea. The fear porn shills at ZH seem to feed on your tripe.
    Secondly .. you really think your special dont you ..
    …” I’m going to keep this simple. Follow the dots and try to keep up. ”
    Your condescending tone tells all. Please buy stocks and ETF’s. Your so-called analysis reveals your limited thinking ability. You are in for one helluva surprise. Please consider doing something else other than spewing your crap on the internet.


  21. You had better HOPE this is fake news. There is no shortage of law-abiding 2nd Amendment supporters that would have no problem applying firing pin to primer to take out the Deep State if it is true.

    • It’s not a matter of it being ‘fake news’ or not. It’s simply my analysis of what I see happening. Believe me, I hope I’m wrong. Happy to be wrong.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think I am.

      • Unfortunately,i hate to say,you are wrong,i gave Candidate trump 1%,possibility,compare to the rest,that have big Minuses,so i dont blame that much myself,that i gave him a popular vote(many sheeple think,that they actually vote for a president)

    • Deep State is not something sitting somewhere and the law-abiding 2nd Amendment supporters go and shoot them. It is worse than a metastatic cancer. I hope you see the picture

  22. We’ll see what happens. If there’s an actual attack on Syria, then I think you might be right, but let’s not forget all the congressmen and presstitutes that urged it. If Trump hangs, they need to hang as well.

    We really have no choice but to wait to see what happens.

    What I’ve consistently noticed is that since Trump has taken office, his statements while in office do not indicate at all what he actually is doing. We were supposedly about to go to war with North Korea again, and lo and behold – north and south are talking about ending their state of war.

    • Richard, this feels much different.

      Read my work for the past couple of months and you’ll see that I really thought Trump was winning.

      I believed he was until this weekend. and what’s happening now is off. it feels wrong. it feels different.

      and Trump is acting differently. I really want to write my mea culpa stating I was wrong. I really do.

      • Like I said, wait and see.

        Look, regardless something was accomplished:

        * We now know there is a Deep State – we don’t just have to suspect it, and be called crazy for suspecting it.
        * We know our elected officials are puppets of this, and therefore we have no representation.
        * We know there is no rule of law, which is why Clinton isn’t in jail.
        * We know our media and politicians use propaganda, and lots of it.
        * We know that our military is used not to protect the nation, but to enhance profits of corporations, like Genie Energy.
        * We know there is massive surveillance on the population
        * We know that there is indeed censorship of communication
        * We know the US are the bad guys, finally.

        This is all stuff I strongly suspected, and pretty much believed over a decade ago – but know I know. Would still be guessing with a Clinton presidency.

        If Trump fails, expect a military coup – not that THAT will be fun – that can go either way into despotism or a renewal of rule of law, the Constitution, etc – but it’s better than “let’s pretend we’re still a Democratic nation”.

        Well, in any case, we’ll see.

      • Im not discounting Trump’s many accomplishments…don’t get me wrong. This is simply my read of the current situation.

        He fought a good fight so far. Not many would have done better. That doesn’t mean it’s most likely not over.

    • Hi Richard,there is no more time to wait and see what happen,it my be first as a correct statement,it can be in other events,but not this one.WE suppose to leave Syria,to build America,as Trump announced a big way,with fanfare and after Bibi visited him,he changed 180%,also naturally the so call gassing is just another false flag,i watched video,training those kids,and they are better actors,then those on drugs in Hollywood,so Trump screaming FAKE News,Fake intelligent,etc,deep state and when to come to Syria,Russia,or NK,he suddenly believe it those news !00% ???,also we know about the Saddam nuclear fiasco,that killed over MILLION innocent people,we killed thousands of children(burned them alive) in Mosul,etc and Trump is not screaming Babies,Babies. I understand the big picture,but even William Casey said: The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with conspiracy so monstrous,he cannot believe it it exist.( Just in short).Honor to be here,Janko

  23. Tom, You are spot on. They even blackmailed Obama according to Billy Meier . It’s a Shadow Government not the so-called Deep State. By chance have you ever read any of Billy Meier’s info? It mirrors your info.

  24. anyone who believes that trump is anything but what he has shown to be is a fool. trump was put here by his zionist backers .he has been and is under the gun of his financial backer and they have been grooming him for potus for decades.his narrative during the campaign was what he is very good at lying!!!! and the media that supposedly hates him gave the trump campaign the most air coverage of all for free billions of dollars. there was no real choice for potus but the ignorant fools called american voters went ahead and voted him in. the deep state neocon zionist even made clinton believe she was their choice. .

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  26. hi tom

    your analysis here and elsewhere is usually on point and this is no different.

    at the end of the day the deep state american empire project is done. finished in the sense that enough economic, military, religious, cultural and people power has now awoken to the scam that is globalisim (feudalism in a tuxedo) and will resist it to the death.

    the trouble for the deep state purveyors of this bullshit is they will play with the lives of others not their own. thus they lose against an opponent willing to die to stop them.

    china/russia/iran and others will do just that to bury the new world unilateral order.

    what happens in american with trump is now a side show in the carnival.

    as putin stated, ………..the dogs bark but the caravan moves on.

    • “Here’s something curious: the presidents in your country are changing, and policy is not” – said the President of Russia, by Vlad the ooh so terrible, lol. Trump is trying , some things they will let him change but everything comes at a cost. Notice when he said again this year that , even though Assad is winning the war (with Israel, Saudi Arabia , US ,UK, France) , that the US was gonna pull out of Syria, … boom bang Assad does another chemical attack. Same story happened last on the same or a day before or after the date he’s (Assad) did’t another chemical attack on his own people, despite him winning overwhelmingly the war that was cause to depose him from power by the (neocons) globalists. A democratically elected President by his people but yet he is a tyrant and tried to leave the central banking systems and the US petrol$. That and they don’t want his to use the huge reverses of gas and oil in north east Syria.

  27. It seems to me that he was somehow forced to bring Bolton on board and that tipped the balance on behalf of the neocons.

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  29. “16. The headlines are preparing us for this. The GOP is split on him at this point, some openly wishing for him to fail. This”

    ….This? This what? The word “This” isn’t a hyperlink — that was too vague.
    It must be an incomplete sentence.

      • Thanks for noticing – it’s just that if there was something which was supposed to come after the word “This” I genuinely wanted to know what it was, especially with this entire situation going on. Also sorry if my way of telling you sounded too aggressive. It’s just that the whole situation making me lose my cool a bit, imagining the future outcomes of the world since this has happened.

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