Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Has the Coup Against Trump Succeeded? Should We Stay Quiet?

Following up on yesterday’s post I want to clarify how important it is for us to dig in and find that thing we should be doing to stop the push for perpetual war for perpetual serfdom.

I made a lot of people mad with that piece.  It challenges many preconceptions.  It may be mad conjecture or visionary prophecy.  I hope it’s the former but I suspect it’s the latter.

Watch, share, subscribe and support.  Building a stronger community that talks to and with each other is more important than building a cult of personality around someone who is both heroic and possibly doomed.

The Coup is Complete, Trump is Done

LIBOR Continues to blow out 2.34% and climbing

The Harder the Winds of War Blow, the More they Suck

Merkel Not Sending Troops to Syria:

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4 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Has the Coup Against Trump Succeeded? Should We Stay Quiet?

  1. Nevertheless, after reading yesterday’s post (reposted to LRC), I found it difficult to find a reason to get out of bed another day. Fighting the urge to just sell everything and get outta dodge, before the next appointed President DOES build a wall to keep us all IN. At this point, if the Russian nukes fly in next week, I might actually applaud, knowing at least a bunch of those fucks will die along with the rest of us.

    • Blank reg: thought the same thing. No use voting friends say, they are right, deep state controls everything. Wonder if patriot type blogs ae useless now, incl the you tube videos. We never see results and folks will not wake up anyway. We have prepared best we can, got rid of excess unwanted stuff, will sell house move into apt. on edge of city. Will go down fighting rather then to be hauled off to FEMA camp.

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